'Breaking Bad' Spoilers, Cast, Latest: According To Critics, “Breaking Bad Is A Great Tv Series But Not A Perfect One”


'Breaking Bad' Spoilers, Cast, Latest: According To Critics, "Breaking Bad Is A Great Tv Series But Not A Perfect One"

American crime drama television series Breaking Bad which is created and produced by "Vince Gilligan" is one of those highly schemed tv series. This show was initially aired on the AMC network for five seasons that started from January 20, 2008 up until September 29, 2013.  Bryan Cranston portrayed the character of Walter White who is an anti -Semite with a terminal illness - originally, AMC officials  approached actors "John Cusack" and "Matthew Broderick"  for the role but since both  declined, the executives were convinced to cast Cranston after viewing his role in X-Files.

As many fans would know the storyline is about a man trying to provide for his family's future in a way of dealing with illegal drugs, after being diagnosed to have a stage three terminal lung cancer. A chemistry genius turned teacher in an Albuquerque, New Mexico high school who then teams up with an  ex-student  to cook and sell the purest crystal meth. Since he was given a short time to live, everything in his life started to change drastically to ensure that his handicapped son and his pregnant wife will have a good financial future.  As the partnership between Walt and Jesse progressed in the drug world, he then became a dangerous criminal and so with Jesse who became a hot-headed salesman of Methation. According to critics, "Breaking Bad is a great tv series but not a perfect one". Some would react in a positive or negative way regarding the season finale but all in all many believed that it was just a good way to end an anticipated television series.

This show is close to reality specially for those people who wants easy money.



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