Breaking Amish season 3 Spoilers in Brooklyn set to Increase the Heartbeats of Fans

(L to R) Kate, Jeremiah, Sabrina, Abe and Rebecca
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Breaking Amish season 3, Named as "Return to Amish": Starts its first Episode with Unexpected Troubles for the Ex-Amish Rebels 

"Breaking Amish" season 3, TLC Media's most popular reality show is going to relieve the tensions of excited fans around the world. The first episode of "Breaking Amish" season 3 is given the title of "Return to Amish." It will be airing on Thursday, Sept. 18 at 10/9c, TLC reports.

This new season will take a look at ex-Amish rebels such as Abe, Jeremiah, Kate, Rebecca and Sabrina, to see what and how they are currently doing. It seems now that they are so busy with their marriage, pregnancy and the birth of new baby.

"Breaking Amish" season 1 depicted the story of five young people from Amish community, who are leaving to New York City, a narrow escape from their traditional life style and to experience a new world of enjoyment and excitement. However, an orthodox Amish community is trying to shunning them from every aspect of community life.  

The title "Return to Amish" says it all. This season will portray the difficulties faced by the girls as they return back to Amish. The severe ostracism they received from their family members and the community would be shown.

Abe's parents, kind and lovely Amish Matron Mary and very strict religious Chester will receive the team unkindly with traditional blockades. Mary and Chester seemed to be struggling with their personal issues. At the same time, they are creating hardships for the Amish members. Eventually, they pulled Amish members into a precarious situation that they all have to get out of. 


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