'Resident Evil 6': Capturing Players With its Discerning Features

resindent evil 6

"Resident Evil 6": Capturing Players With its Discerning Features

Playstation and Xbox players can choose four scenarios with the action-adventure "Resident Evil 6." The ninth installment in the series of the Resident Evil game and popularized as "Biohazard 6" game in Japan is classified as "Dramatic Horror" by the developers and is regarded as "Survival Horror" genre through the promotional materials in Japan.

The 4 distinctive story threads can be played with the player's pair of protagonists- Leon S. Kennedy, Jake Muller, Ada Wong and Chris Redfield. It can be enjoyed online or offline and player get to choose whether to indulge alone or with co-op play. The ability of the players to team up and play with others allows another player to join in any part of the game in its "Drop In/ Drop Out" feature.

Another fun-filled trick of the game that makes players stay awake is Agent Hunt Mode and the Mercenaries Mode where one can have power over random enemies. With the introduction of the modern approach, all the issues spanning from storage bins to upgradable weapons, and how players keep track of the character evolution, ammo scarcity and inventory were completely defined in "Resident Evil 6."

The game has discerned it from the previous installments by detailing more on the player's skills and not on weapons. It highlights a "skill point system" that can be accesses through the chapters or main menu rather than opting for upgrades in the stores. Enemies drop skill points where one can use for buying skills like durability and firearm power.

Moreover, Capcom has captivated the players with the "Resident Evil 6" new gameplay mechanic. Players can pass easily their enemies with the ability of the player to dive side to side, backwards or sliding is offered in its Dodge Mechanic Feature. Other advance upgrades of the gameplay include Quick shot ability and the new cover system.

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