'General Hospital' Recap: Will There Be a Downfall on Franco’s Plan

General Hospital
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'General Hospital' Recap: Will There Be a Downfall on Franco's Plan

There are a lot of collected news, updates, rumors, and happenings on "General Hospital". Do you want to know what will happen next? Then, read on.

Its been a while since Jason Morgan has been doing his rounds of spoilers. However, this could be a sign that he will be returning to "General Hospital". Fans still do not know whether Jason and Robin have survived. This thing will soon be revealed on the next episode.

A lot of spoilers pointed out that Carly and Sonny's immorality might not be unpunished. It's also quite a while when the two have not been behind Franco. But this time, they will be behind him, but Franco will know the truth. Kiki will tell Franco what the two have been up to. Obviously, Franco will not take it seriously. According to a report in a birthday party, Franco will have his surprise birthday toast and will come up in a revenge plan.

Meanwhile, Franco plans on bringing Carly and Sonny down. On the other hand, Sonny will be focusing himself to other things, he'll get busy though. She will also be particular to summon up Ava Jerome. She will also command Max and Shawn to get Ava and the baby. However, Ava, this time will put a fight. This time, Ava have the help of Morgan Corinthos. He will be the accomplice of Ava and will actually be the one who will help Ava in leaving port Charles.

There are a lot of questions that runs around the minds of every fans. Will  Franco still pursue his revenge plan? Will he be crazy planning a downfall? Will Franco tell who really shot Michael's father? Who is this mystery patient seen on the hospital? Is it Jason Morgan?



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