'Jurassic Park 4' Spoilers: The East Dock Sign may make an Appearance

East Dock Sign
(Photo : Jurassic Park Facebook Page)

'Jurassic Park 4' Spoilers: The East Dock Sign may make an Appearance

As of march 2013, Colin Trevorrow was named director of the upcoming movie "Jurassic World", the fourth installment to the movie that was based on Michael Crichton's hit novel "Jurassic Park". Since then, he has never stopped posting teasers after teasers building the anticipation among the fans. Of course not all these posts are as informative as fans would want them to be, however there are those that do give fans a richer picture of the upcoming movie.

In keeping to this practice, Trevorrow released another teaser in the form of an image last Monday, September 22. This is despite that "Jurassic World" has reportedly finished filming, and that the film is most probably in the editing phase of the production.

This image that Trevorrow posted through Tweeter is a picture of the East Dock sign that Dennis Nedry knocked over with his jeep back in 1993. Immediately, fans are thrown into another frenzy of talks.

This image brings a lot of memories but it should also be seen with a critical eye. For one, it should be noted that the sign was made of wood so that twenty years of exposure to the elements would have resulted to total decomposition. Given that the sign seems to be in good condition indicates that, should we see the same sign in the upcoming movie, it will have to be through a flashback.

A flashback into the events in the first movie would be something that longtime fans of the franchise would love to see.

The image was captioned "Autumn" as if to celebrate the first day of Autumn which was last Monday September 22. While the climate in the Isla Nublar is tropical and the leaves would not fall the way it was with the image, suggesting that the "leaves around the sign may be the general decay in the ground after not being touched in a long time. This could also mean that the East Dock sign will have to make its appearance.

The picture was just awesome. It is awesome in the sense that the image affects so many people who have seen it; and fans both of the book and the movies love that the image suggests a lot about the upcoming movie with regards to how it gives tribute to the original film.

All things aside, the image is absolutely fantastic!



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