‘Family Guy Season 13’ Scoop: One Hour Family Guy Debut this Fall 2014

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'Family Guy Season 13' Scoop: One Hour Family Guy Debut this Fall 2014

'Family Guy' is a 20th Century Fox Television Production, which chronicles on the adventures of an adorably ignorant Peter Griffin and his amusingly unusual family of middle-class New Englanders.  

It was May 22, 2014 when 20th Century Fox renewed Family Guy for a thirteenth season.

Executive producer Steve Callagahan tells Entertainment Weekly, "I don't have any expectations that it will start world peace. I hope it entertains people for an hour, and I hope it puts to rest rumors that there's a big feud between us and The Simpsons. And I hope it gets people to end global warming."

The goal of the premiere sounds like a well-said answer to a pageant. But what do the viewers expect to see in the upcoming episodes?

'Family Guy Season 13' comes with a highly anticipated crossover episode. The Griffins will have an hour-long crossover bonding with the Simpsons. Stewie and Bart will definitely have plenty of time together.

Chris is going to fail his test in history. So to help him in his history class, Brian and Stewie will take him back through time travel with their newly rebuilt time machine. Along the way, they will meet Napoleon Bonaparte. How will Bonaparte help Chris now?

At pre-school, the youngest of the Griffins will move from the green to the violet room. Stewie and Brian will go to a Coachella music festival, where Stewie finds his true self.

Meanwhile, Meg will unsuspectingly become a foot fetish model. Find out how that happened in the next episodes.

In the next episode, Peter and Brian will get drunk a night before Thanksgiving Day. They will attack and eat Lois' turkey. As a result, furious Lois will ask them to bring her a new one. As expected, this will not be easy as one, two, three on the special occasion. They will embark an epic journey around Quahog in order to find a turkey. The question is, will they be able to get one?

In the Christmas episode, Jesus returns. What will be Jesus' role in the episode? Find out.

In the 250th episode of the show, Stewie plans to dominate the world. But how? He obtains some of Brian's DNA and tries to make himself pregnant. What is going on with Stewie?

In one episode, drunk Peter rants and says he could beat up Liam Neeson. Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland bring Peter to the set of Neeson's movie so that he can fight the action star. What will happen?

Season 13 will be definitely filled with crazy episodes so stay updated.

Family Guy's thirteenth season debuts on 20th Century Fox on September 28, 2014 at 9PM. Fans will be thrilled to unveil exciting plot twists and possibly new characters will be introduced in the season.



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