‘Destiny’ PC Release Date: Mystic Sci-fi Release Date for PC Remains Unknown

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'Destiny' PC Release Date: Mystic Sci-fi Release Date for PC Remains Unknown

'Destiny', is a future generation first person adventure and shooting game developed by Bungie, the creator of Halo.

In the game, the Earth remains with its last and only city. The player's number one task is to act as the guardian of the last city of the planet. As a protector, the player is given the capacity to exert magnificent power. Other tasks as the planet's guardian are discovering the antiquated treasures of the solar system, such as the red dunes of Mars and the luxurious jungles of Venus, overthrowing all enemies of the planet, and regaining what the planet owns.

Jump on a grand action-packed adventure blended with marvelous movielike storytelling where the player unveils the hidden mysteries and treasures in the entire universe and retrieve what the planet lost in the decline of the Golden Era.

To supplement the amalgam of storytelling, participative, competent, and communal gameplay, the game provides missions that are impeccably interlaced into a vast virtual world. The decision is all coming from the players as to whether to embark a mission with themselves or with friends.

Destiny incorporates an element of human touch in such a way that players can personalize and upgrade every angle of the character, starting from the character's features to armors, weapons, and accessories. More than that, it is perfect to immerse the enhanced character into various game modes - campaign, cooperative, social, public, and competitive multiplayer.

Players can choose a character and become a titan, a warlock, or a hunter.

Titans are armored warriors. Their furious knuckles are charged with extreme power that will knock the opponents off their feet. Their highly-durable armor and shields transform them into unshakable weapons. Titans defend the city from the countless enemies by transforming Void light into an unyielding shield or disintegrating them using the Arc light.

Warlocks brandish unfathomable powers, making them mystic warriors. They are equipped with the ability to execute incredible acts of destruction. These mystic warriors can dissolve a number of foes by launching a bolt of Void light. They can also absorb high amounts of Solar light, which enables them to boost the effectiveness of all their moves.

Hunters are skilled warriors as they are adept with the use of the sword and the gun. Always prepared for the unexpected, hunters have high intuition and instinct levels. Using Solar light, they can disband enemies as they summon a flaming gun. The Arc light enables hunters to charge their sword and strike foes with lightning bolts.

Destiny is now out for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One last September 09, 2014. Rumors say that the game will be accessible to PC in March 2015. However, there is no official announcement yet from Bungie COO Pete Carsons or from the game authority as to when the exact release date of the mythic sci-fi game in PC is.



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