OS X Yosemite Update: Features, Mail App Update, Release Date in 2015

OS X Yosemite
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OS X Yosemite Update: Features, Mail App Update, Release Date in 2015

Apple released a new version of Mail App for OS X Yosemite. The new version was unveiled to address the issue that prevents users from composing a message. The update can be accessed by public beta testers and developers with the Yosemite Developer Preview installed.

Users can download the software from the update junction in Mac App Store.

OS X Yosemite showcases the following features: a sophisticated design, applications enhanced with innovative features, and a completely established connection between Mac and iOS devices. Such features will entirely transform how users view Mac and what they can do with it.

Mac gets a fresh new look with its redesigned interface, without compromising its definitive principles - simplicity, beauty, and power, which users know and love.

To have a glimpse of the new design, click here.

The evolution of OS X turns Mac to be more powerful and easier to use. Its new appearance is secondary to Apple's new objective with OS X Yosemite is to empower its users.

At a single glance, users will be able to see everything they need to know such as reminders, upcoming events, weather, stocks, and many more. To further customize and add personal touch, new widgets can be obtained from the Mac App Store.

Yosemite even more brightens your Spotlight search, since it now gathers information coming from Bing, Wikipedia, Maps, and other sources

Different applications allow you to unveil the world, bond with people, and work more productively. Mac Applications now have their simple, yet more elegant look. These state-of-the-art and beautifully designed apps have been enhanced with great new features, making them more capable and easier to use.

Safari. Safari has its streamlined toolbar that give you power at your hands. More than that, it provides more space for what you are viewing. Integrated with an enhanced Nitro JavaScript engine, Safari becomes boosted in speed and more energy efficient. Safari just got smarter that it gives you fresh hand ways to access your favorite sites, manage your tabs, and manipulate your private settings.  

Spotlight. Spotlight provides suggestions from various sources like news, Bing, Wikipedia, Maps, and iTunes in your search engine, making it a smarter way to search.

New Favorites view. OS X Yosemite provides new ways to access your favorite sites on the web. Clicking the smart search field unveils the icons of your favorite websites.

A singles view at a glimpse. OS X Yosemite offers an enhanced organized view of the tab page. Tabs coming from the same site come together, which makes them easier to control. These tabs can also be found by URL or by a word in the web page title.

OS X Yosemite is still under development and is expected to set its release sometime this year.



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