‘Apple iWatch’: The Top 5 Features of the Apple Smart Watch

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'Apple iWatch': The Top 5 Features of the Apple Smart Watch

Apple announced exciting news to the fans during its Press Conference last September 9, 2014. As it revealed its latest flagship phone series iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the Cupertino company CEO Tim Crook also announced another device - the Apple watch or iWatch.

While it has vast similarities with other smartwatches, it specializes on various features that hold on its own.

The Digital Crown. As one of the most interesting features of the apple watch, the digital crown is described as the circular knob attached in the watch's casing. It substitutes the pinch to zoon touchscreen feature that can be found in iphones and macbooks.

As the crown is rotated, it zooms to the watch's various apps, enabling the user to navigate through the dates, the gallery photos, the stopwatch, as well as the current location. This way, the digital crown also acts as the watch's home button. The apple watch has no ID sensor, however, it locks with an anti-theft passcode once it's taken off.

Sapphire screen and stainless casing. In contrary to Motorola Moto 360, which has a circular-type face design, Apple's iWatch presents a rectangular face design with round corners. This parallels the iWatch to the design of most Apple's devices.

Sapphire glass is a synthetic, super-strong, transparent material made from crystals. This makes it secondary to diamond and provides very high crystal clear transparency.  Both iphone5 and iphone6 do not feature this screen material.  The sapphire glass screen also offers ultra-high scratch resistance and strength. The casing of the apple watch is made up of stainless steel and aluminum alloy that enhances its durability.

Wireless charging. Now you don't have to find a power outlet just to charge your apple watch. The apple watch takes out this hassle, since it utilizes a wireless MagSafe style charging mechanism. An inductive charger will be connected at the back of the watch, providing electrical current to power up the watch's battery. However, it is believed that the battery life lasts a day like other smartwatches and there is a need to charge it often.

Taptic engine. This is one of the most interesting feature of the apple watch, since it provides human touch. Notifications from the social media like Facebook and Twitter, yahoo mail, or reminders to go to the gym will be felt as vibrations at the hood of the apple watch. Precise vibration can be heard that you can communicate by just simple vibrating taps or sketches.

Near-Field Communications (NFC) Payment Capability. One feature that can be highly utilized in the apple watch is the near-field communication NFC payment capability. The apple watch now serves as a wearable wallet, which enables contactless digital payments using NFC. Now you don't have to use your iPhone to pay for bills, instead, you just have to tap your wristwatch

With an array of exciting and powerful features, the apple watch is expected to sell well. This will trigger its competitors will find ways to match the new face of this smartwatch.

With regard to its release, the Apple iWatch will not arrive at the market until early 2015.



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