‘General Hospital’ Recap: Bringing the Confessions Together

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"General Hospital" Recap: Bringing the Confessions Together

"General Hospital" (GH) is an American daytime television medical drama, which revolves in a general hospital (hence, its drama title) located in Port Charles, a community on the coast in the upper part of New York.

Sam and Danny are in the hospital, since they are searching for Patrick. The brood runs into Jason's room and takes his hand. Sam is curious whe he doesn't want to leave his side.

Liz appears and distracts the kid with a lolly. The nurse also says that she feels pinched to the patient. Well, Sam is certain that someone loves and misses the guy. She takes his hand and tells him that she wants him to get better. Liz becomes shocked by the increase in his vital signs. The patient begins to buzz when the nurse explains to Sam that Patrick wants to do more than just work with her.

Meanwhile, Sabrina runs into Patrick down the hall. After that, they talk about John Doe. Patrick says that he has had brain surgery before. Sabrina wants news on who caused the accident. Not sure about it, Patrick tell her that it might have been Luke. Thinking that it was absurd, Sabrina begins to become nervous. Patrick wonders if Sabrina has a theory. Sam appears and takes Patrick away. Back to the hall, the doctor informs Liz that the patient will wake up soon.

Michael is on his way to his work when his father appears telling him that he will be sending him to the island until the hazard has been resolved. Carly arrive as they have an argument about it, taking Sonny's side. They also pursued that he take Kiki and work by satellite. Michael leaves while Carly and Sonny talk.

Kiki checks on her mother and Morgan. He then informs her about Maxie's visit. They also get back to Michael's situation and she tells that someone attempted to kill him the night ago. She them tips him off regarding Rosalie in the center of it. They quarrel about hiding the truth from Michael. Morgan pleads until his brother appears. Michael informs that that he has changed his plans.

Maxie and Nathan go into Anna's office. She informs that he is always in her mind; however, she can't go out with him. Maxie thinks that she can't jump into something again and she feels like he's a stranger at all. Nathan tells her that he will be at the Metrocourt for dinner is she still wants to see him.

Dante tells his plans for the day to Lulu. She cannot believe that her father is scheming against everyone. Lulu will not push through to Amsterdam. She just wants to stay and take care of the baby. The cop informs her of his love, but he wonders if she would be dismayed if he didn't go. She'd be delighted if he didn't.

What will happen next?

Watch the medical drama weekdays on ABC Television network.

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