Microsoft Surface Mini Tablet: to be Released or Not to be Released? Microsoft CEO Cancels ‘Surface Mini’ Project

Microsoft Surface Mini Tablet

Microsoft Surface Mini Tablet: to be Released or Not to be Released? Microsoft CEO Cancels 'Surface Mini' Project

For now, the Microsoft Surface Mini Tablet seems only like a rumored gadget, but other sources claim that the Mini Tablet actually exists, except Microsoft isn't ready to announce the Tablet just yet. Perhaps it's never going to be released, since another source points out that Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella canceled the project.

The Surface Mini is expected to be a 7-inch tablet, and is powered by Windows RT with a 1GB RAM. Another source points out that the tablet comes with an 8-inch display, a Qualcomm processor, Windows RT 8.1, a USB socket, a microSD slot, and stylus.

It is said that Microsoft has already gone as far as producing the Mini Tablet, making its prototype, but only to try the actual gadget, expecting no leaks coming from it.

The likely reason for Microsoft backing out on the Surface Mini is the not-so-popular Windows RT, and because Microsoft is up against many competitors when it comes to smaller Android tablets. It doesn't help that the Windows RT suffers from its lack of available apps.

Another possible reason for the canceled project is in its pricing. It is said that "Microsoft didn't want to eat losses on the Surface Mini and deal with the host of budget tablets under $200 that run on Windows 8.1, and not the stripped-down, "lite" Windows RT".



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