Windows 10: Won’t have Barriers Between Apps and the Features of a Desktop, The Best Windows Yet

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Windows 10: Won't have Barriers Between Apps and the Features of a Desktop, The Best Windows Yet

Microsoft is on to something new when it comes to upgrading their operating system once again and this time, Windows 10 is rumored to being developed. As for the release date, per say that it is not going to be until late 2015. But here are some of the things that we have gathered that will be included in this latest update of Windows.

Windows 8 wasn’t really that successful that users wanted more out of it. They tried combining features of desktop and mobile, which only resulted in users not being impressed by it. Users felt like the approach was rather radical and it the program wasn’t that prepared for the merging of ideas for both desktop and mobile. This also resulted in the dropping of their sales from a lot of people are now buying more and more tablets and smartphones than an actual computer.

With that nightmare, the company decided to upgrade it that they skipped from releasing Windows 9 to finally developing Windows 10. According to them, this update won’t have barriers between apps and the features of a desktop. The design will resemble Windows 7 and users will find new apps and desktop icons would work harmoniously. The behavior of the modern and traditional apps for Windows 8 was wild that they annoyed the users especially when they keep crashing. This time, the start menu will allow users to customize it and they could even resize it according to how they want it.

Just like Windows 7, this updated version will have the snap feature. You can easily get the apps that you need from different desktops using a Task View. This is going to be more convenient for those who are doing a lot of things all at the same time on their computer.

Speaking of the Task View, which will be seen on this update located on the taskbar. Once you clicked on it, all the apps’ thumbnails will pop out. If you know about Mac’s Expose, then this works kind of like that.

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