Facebook Latest News, Updates: Social Networking Giant Opens Ad Service For Mobile Apps

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Facebook Latest News, Updates: Social Networking Giant Opens Ad Service For Mobile Apps

The most famous and widely used social networking site Facebook is looking to expand the advertising system. With the new system, the app developers will be able to insert ads from its network into the programs. The main objective for this step is to expand the advertisement of apps via Facebook for the apps developers.

The project named as Audience Network basically allows advertisers to use the random information of Facebook user available for guessing which types of ads he/she might like to receive. The move will help to advertise the products where the products website are not been vastly used.

Facebook will let the Audience Network app to expand ads to remote users.

The project was first announced in April. Last week the Facebook Corporation introduced the Atlas feature. Atlas brings new technology that allows advertisers to send ads to customers. It is not only applicable for PC; it works on mobile phones, tablets, Mac, notebooks also.

With the latest Audience Network app, Facebook might directly compete with Google. Google has same type of feature like this named AdMob, which rules the online mobile advertising nowadays. Google managed to earn over half portion of the $17.7 billion from global ads developing sector last year. Whereas Facebook earned mobile ad revenue of 18 percent last year and Twitter took just 2.4 percent.

The industry market is getting wider day-by-day and mobile ad revenue is also getting higher. The ad revenue was doubled last year from 2012 and it is expected to rise up to 84 percent more share this year. To meet the demand Facebook might come handy with the new Audience Network app.

Facebook might follow certain strategy to draw attention of the users of AdMob and other features available around the web. The organization will let the advertisers to follow the customers around the web by Atlas feature.

Facebook is very hopeful about the new project as they are working very hard to see the light of success.

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