Christian Bale Speaks About Playing Moses in "Exodus: Gods and Kings"

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Christian Bale is starring in the new biblical movie Exodus: Gods and Kings. Recently, Bale speaks about portraying the Biblical figure during a recent screening. "The big one for me, other than realizing I had no idea about Moses at all, just how complex a character he was," the actor said at a Q&A after the screening. "He was a very troubled, tumultuous man and mercurial. But the biggest surprise was the nature of God. He was equally very mercurial."

Bale admitted that he was not very knowledgeable about the Bible.  Therefore in preparation for his role as Moses, he read from the Old Testament, the Koran and "Moses: A Life" by Jonathan Kirsch. Even though the role required a great deal of seriousness, Bale still took time to relax and enjoy a more humorous portrayal of the Biblical figure. "You have to have humor when you are playing something as serious as this," Bale said. "You have to have comedy in your life everyday on the set."

Christian Bale spoke with EW's Sara Vilkomerson sharing that he was not trying to duplicate Charlton Heston's famous role. "Charlton Heston does Charlton Heston better than anyone," he said. "But the biblical account of Moses is extraordinary, and there was lots of room for us to go to places that [Heston's movie] The Ten Commandments never dreamed of going."

Filming for the movie took place in Spain, in Almería, along the Mediterranean Sea, and Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands. "It has these stunning beaches," Bale says of the filming locations. "It looks like a Tyrannosaurus rex could come running around a corner." 

The movie is being directed by Ridley Scott, Bale will play the large character of Moses in pre-Ten Commandment days, going up again Pharaoh Ramses (Joel Edgerton) to the slaves of his people.  Exodus: Gods and Kings will also star Sigourney Weaver, Aaron Paul, Ben Kingsley, and John Turturro. The movie is planned to release to theaters on Dec. 12th. 

Moses was a pivotal figure in the Old Testament, standing up to Pharaoh Ramses to free 600,000 slaves, through 10 deadly plagues and leading his people in the desert out of Egypt while parting the Red Sea. "What I thought I knew about Moses I didn't really," director Scott says. "Either I wasn't paying attention in Sunday school or I had forgotten. I was knocked out by who he was and the basics of the story-it has to be one of the greatest adventures and spiritual experiences that could ever have been."




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