Warehouse Worship Releases the Hymn-Like "There Is Hope (Live)"

Warehouse Worship

Recorded on the 23rd November 2019 at Warehouse Church, Newport, UK. Featured on the Live Worship Wednesday playlist from Homegrown Worship. Warehouse Worship's 'There Is Hope' is hymn-like in stature but brings a modern and contemporary twist to deep and profound truths.  Just like the hymn writers of old who heralded from this corner of the United Kingdom, 'There is Hope' carries a gravitas that is rare. 

Warehouse Worship was birthed out of a desire to promote the worship and prophetic sound coming out of The Warehouse Church, Wales. The group is made up of songwriters, worship leaders, musicians and vocalists, who have a passion and desire to bring heaven on earth through worshipping their Creator. 'There Is Hope' was written by Harrison Pugh in 2019; who was aged 17 at the time of writing this song. 

Pugh writes; "This song came out of a place of worship, where it was just me and my guitar in my room worshiping God. Before that I had been trying to write a song and it wasn't working out and so I felt that I needed to just strip it back and worship God and soak in his presence.

Once I was worshipping I just started to sing the name of Jesus. His name silences all fear and anxiety and brings hope, which was the message my pastor was preaching on at the time. I got a melody for the chorus as I was welcoming the Holy Spirit and letting him have his way in me.

The bridge came from wanting to lift up God by inspiring people; in the weird time we live in. I then wrote about hope, and how Jesus resurrects people out of situations and dark times. Writing this song taught me that you can't force a song out of nothing, but you have to just surrender everything to God and let his work be done through you and in you."

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