UK rapper the | Dave Ellis Addresses The Challenges of Racism In "Come Closer"

the | Dave Ellis

UK rapper the | Dave Ellis has recorded a new song called 'Come Closer', which is a personal, semi-autobiographical track that talks about the challenges of racism and the power of unity and hope.

"As I'm sure you'll agree this year has been, and continues to be, challenging for all of us. One of the issues that has had a profound impact on me, as it did for many of us, was the brutal killing of George Floyd. I cathartically wrote this track as a reflection on my own experiences of racism growing up in England and by way of processing trauma from the past. The track speaks of the need for real conversation that leads to lasting change - reflected in the title of the track 'Come Closer'."

'Come Closer' was released earlier in October as part of Black History Month. Within 48 hours of the official music video YouTube premiere it received over 1K views. "My hope is that the song and music video will engender a conversation about race and equality in many different settings and there's already a resource being developed to be used within educational establishments."

Dave, who is also a Pastor at Trent Vineyard church in Nottingham, worked in partnership with a number of local creatives to bring the project to life. Directed by Tim Bassford of Turbine Creative, the official music video involved collaboration with the Nottingham Playhouse and Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, under the umbrella of FreeCreate - an emerging network of creatives who are willing to donate their skills to help charitable organisations.

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