Brian Houston Will Be Transitioning Out of the Responsibilities of Being Hillsong Church's Global Pastor

Brian Houston

Brian Houston, the Global pastor and founder of Hillsong Church, has announced that he will be transitioning away from his current role as global senior pastor. Gary Clarke, who is currently the lead pastor of Hillsong's UK branch, will begin helping with "the global side" and "invest[ing] into the pastors." 

"So you know, this year is our 38th year since Bobbie and I started out here in the Hills," said Houston. "I've been doing a lot of soul-searching and praying about the future and the way ahead."

Due to the speed of Hillsong's global growth, he explained, it's become "unsustainable for us to be able to lead everything that we're leading right now. I want to be looking at ways we can share that load."

He then emphatically and repeatedly stated that "Bobbie and I aren't going anywhere. We'll still be around, still be preaching as long as they want us to," and are "definitely not retiring. We're not retiring. We'll be around." 

"We're heading towards our 70s. I'm 67 this week and in our 70s there's a whole lot of things ... in our hearts in terms of what we would like to be doing, what we want to be doing and so that's kind of how I see the future looking so I'm not putting any time on this or anything like that. We're definitely not retiring," he said. "We'll be around but I do think it's the right season to just look at a whole new season." 




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