Miguel Núñez is Passionate About Raising More Godly Leaders with His New Book

Miguel Núñez

Miguel Núñez, the senior pastor of the International Baptist Church and ithe founding president of Wisdom & Integrity Ministries, has just released his new book Servants for His Glory: Cultivating Christlikeness in a World of Performance (B&H Publishing). In this book, Miguel Núñez points us to Scripture and experience to show us how we can become better leaders. According to Núñez, being is more important than doing. He teaches us how to cultivate the foundations of our lives, so that we can be what we need to be, in order to do what we need to do. 

"Much has been said and written about leadership in the last 10-15 years," Núñez explained. "Even though a lot has been very good, unfortunately, many have seen their calling as a right for special privileges, rather than equipping them to be  servants of the living God. So, this book calls people of humble character to model the life of Christ in front of the people of God and of the world.  Servant leaders not only proclaim a message, but also they are a living message that others can read! They lead by example; their influence is their character to the point that their exemplary lives become an encouragement to others. So, the book was written with the intention of communicating these truths/convictions to as many people as possible." 

In the book, Núñez  shares with us many of his own person stories. "I began my medical profession focusing on the tasks-almost like everybody else-and the same can be said about my ministerial career. Therefore, the tendency was all the time to do more, to try harder, to do better next time, and to feel better. But as I studied the life of Jesus, I soon realized that Jesus was focused all the time on pleasing the Father. Before I changed as a person, my failures (or even sense of failures) affected me significantly almost to the point of paralysis. Then I realized that I am a  fallen human being in the process of becoming like Jesus. Therefore, I discovered that I needed to change my sense of identity. Once I was secure in Christ, managing the failures was a lot easier."

Núñez hopes this book will help cultivate more godly leaders. "My desire is that readers will be formed into godly leaders who see themselves as servants of Christ, willing to live for his cause, for his glory, for the fame of his name and who are willing to pay any price to see Christ exalted above all."

Servants for His Glory  

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