Boardwalk Empire Season 5

Boardwalk Empire Season Finale News: Gangster Drama Finally Bids Goodbye and More Stories Could have Been Folded, but Showrunner is Happy it never materialized

Oct 28, 2014

Boardwalk Empire Season Finale News: Gangster Drama Finally Bids Goodbye and More Stories Could have Been Folded, but Showrunner is Happy it never materialized Boardwalk Empire had finally bid its farewell Sunday night. The HBO series drew 2.3 million viewers which is an 18% increase from the last episode. The Boardwalk Empire Season 5 finale was up more than the Season 4 finale and is somewhat on the same level for the Season 5 pilot, according to TV Series Finale. Creator Terence Winter said that Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) had finally paid for his sins with the finale. Harper shots Nucky three times and died on the boardwalk he once ruled. As Nucky lays on the ground dying, he sees a vision of a younger version of himself swimming in the ocean and catching a coin. "In life, it's not that simple," says Winter. "Sometimes bad people get away with things and good people suffer. Sometimes crime pays. Sometimes the world is unfair." "That's why gangsters are fascinating people," he added. "Most of us wouldn't go as far as they do, but who knows? If I were in Atlantic City in the 1920s, I don't know that I wouldn't have done some bootlegging. Everyone else was. "Watching gangsters in the movies or on television is like riding a roller coaster. You get a sense of what it might feel like to die without actually dying." Winter confirmed that the ending of the show is what he thought of in the beginning, though there were plot and character expansions as the show progresses. There were more stories that could have been folded into "Boardwalk," says Winter, but he's happy they weren't. "I'm from the school of leaving the stage while the audience still wants more," he says. "We've done 56 hours and we didn't want to get in a position where we started repeating ourselves. We had a great five-year run and now it's on to what's next."

rajon rondo

NBA News and Updates: Is Rajon Rondo Tipping Off? Chase Budinger not imminent for trade-off?

Oct 28, 2014

NBA News and Updates: Is Rajon Rondo Tipping Off? Chase Budinger not imminent for trade-off? For the 2014-15 Game season, the front office will play a crucial role compared to that of the players. According to Bleacher Report, no movement is imminent as there is not much of an incentive for any team to transfer at this point. Contenders still need to see the fruits of their off-season labor as sellers do not hold a significant influence before considering this on-court formula. If we check the buzz surrounding the big names in the market, there are not many players who could somehow affect the postseason’s appearance if there is a move. Kevin Love had been traded and La Marcus Aldridge seemed to be contended, Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics might be next in line. But because of a broken hand, Rondo might be seeing his decline, as explained by Basketball Insider’s Lang Greene: “The market for Rajon Rondo is indeed shrinking. Point guard position is stacked throughout the league. Rondo is approaching 30 (28), coming off an ACL injury, an unrestricted free agent next summer, doesn’t shoot a good FT percentage and doesn’t have the best mid range jump shot. All of that is true. Plus there are rumors he’s not the most warm and fuzzy guy to deal with on a day to day basis. This is might be true.” Though Rondo is still using a pad on his fractured hand, Mark J. Murphy of the Boston Herald said that he could somehow make a “quicker-than-expected return to the lineup.” Meanwhile, Timberwolves veteran Chase Budinger, had talks to be traded to the Pistons, as explained by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports: “The Minnesota Timberwolves are shopping forward Chase Budinger in trade talks, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Among talks with several teams, the Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets have shown an interest, league sources said. Houston is reluctant to take on the $5 million player option Budinger’s deal has in 2015-16, as are the Pistons, sources said. Nevertheless, the Pistons are taking a long look at Budinger and considering the possibility of making a deal. No trade is considered imminent for Budinger.”

Zelda Wii U

Zelda Wii U Game Release Date Confirmed to be During the 2015 Holidays, according to Nintendo

Oct 28, 2014

Zelda Wii U Game Release Date Confirmed to be During the 2015 Holidays, according to Nintendo Zelda Wii U release date is by 2015 in time for the holidays, according to iDigital Times. Nintendo’s largest game ever, Zelda Wii U overdue release date could only be natural as the game has an immense scope that Nintendo is perfecting every angle of the highly anticipated game. And this is a big load to carry on for Zelda Wii U as it needs to be a hit in the gaming market. Before, Nintendo tends to announce their games very very soon, even if they have not started anything yet. This time around, they are keeping their mouths closed for any teasers or spoilers. Zelda Wii U had been in development for more than a year now – could even be longer - and for the developers to get familiar with HD games, they have to take a break from Zelda Wii U to develop the Wind Waker HD game. This strategy is to help the developers avoid technological hindrances when working on a new game for the first time. Nintendo had finally unveiled the Zelda Wii U at the E3 2014, which according to sources, is something they should have done before. We can definitely say that the 2015 release date – during the holidays – could be a statement coming true then, considering Nintendo does not have any flagships set for release in the fall of 2015. Nintendo kept on insisting that the Zelda Wii U release date is next year, if that is the case, we will take Nintendo’s word then.

Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 news and updates: It is highly unlikely that Battlefield 5 will be released next Year; Star Wars: Battlefront, DICE’s anticipated game is targeted for a Summer 2015 release

Oct 28, 2014

Battlefield 5 news and updates: It is highly unlikely that Battlefield 5 will be released next Year; Star Wars: Battlefront, DICE’s anticipated game is targeted for a Summer 2015 release DICE might be releasing Battlefield 5 in 2015. As to what month and quarter, we have yet to determine. The developers has yet to comment on this anticipated release date as the previous game had so many problems and this might be an indication that DICE is looking into the Battlefield 5 game intricately before they say something, according to Gamerant. DICE habit of releasing games is yearly as evidenced when Battlefield 4 was released in 2013 and Hardline – a 2014 game to be – so speculations are arising that Battlefield 5 might be by next year. The analysis firm Stern Agee didn’t see it that way as they pointed out that Battlefield 5 might not be released next year, due to some factors like: Hardline’s impending release, Star Wars: Battlefront, and Battlefield 4‘s unfortunate treatment. And it can be possible if we may say so. The first reason of the delayed release was due to Hardline’s premiere. The Battlefield franchises can sustain two release dates in one calendar year. And the other factor could somehow be Battlefield 4’s reception where DICE is trying to evaluate what went wrong and perhaps improve the next Battlefield game. The other big reason for the delay is the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront. The multi-player shooting game is said to be targeted for a release date on the summer of 2015. Because of the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7 movie, Star Wars is a big name right now and DICE is prepping for a big premiere, and it might be bigger than the Battlefield franchises. Battlefield 5 release date will surely come along, as DICE is trying to redeem its name from the previous game’s poor reception.

The Black Glove

The Black Glove Game News and Updates: Game will be Developed If Day for Night’s Kickstarter Project Reaches $550,000 in 10 Days

Oct 28, 2014

The Black Glove Game News and Updates: Game will be Developed If Day for Night’s Kickstarter Project Reaches $550,000 in 10 Days The Black Glove will be released into a PS4 version provided that the venture meets its Kickstarter funding target. The developer Day for Night Games mentioned that there are 10 more days to go to meet the $550,000 Kickstarter fund goal. The game is described as an eerie and surreal experience that gamers will love to play with. At the moment, the project had raised more than $118,000. Hmmm sounds challenging, but who knows what 11 days could do. The setting of the The Black Glove game is in a 1920’s Equinox theater where players steer the environment to improve the average yield of a visual artist, a filmmaker and a musician. These three characters are the three in-house creators that is the subject of the game. The mood of the game is described as something "that appears to be unstuck from conventional reality" The Black Glove game was originally announced for a Q4 release date this year and should have been available for PC, Mac and Linux. The Black Glove game is a first-person game and players are to change the in-house-creator’s past to mend their present day work. In order to do that, they seek for the otherworldly power of the Black Glove to alter the features of the lives of the creators in finding the ultimate medium, message and muse. To entice your curiosity, the Black Glove game trailer is found in this link. According to Joe Fielder from Day for Night Games and the writer of BioShock Infinite and its DLC campaign Burial at Sea, explained to CVG that, “If we do our jobs right, it will be a different experience than people have played. "I don't want to promise the world or anything, [but] I think we can do some stuff that's a little left-of-centre of what you might normally see in games." For more information on the Black Glove game, please visit the Day for Night Games site.

fifty shades

Fifty Shades of Grey news, updates: re-shoot of some scenes ongoing due to lack of chemistry between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson?

Oct 28, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey update: Fifty Shades of Grey leads Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have been seen shooting hot and heavy scenes in Vancouver all over again, and people have speculated that it was due to the lack of chemistry between the two.

droid turbo smartphone

Droid Turbo Smartphone News and Updates: New Specifications and Features Leaked

Oct 28, 2014

Tech Times reported that today, October 28, Motorola will be officially unveiling the much awaited Droid Turbo Smartphone. Because of the high anticipation of the product, several images of the smartphone leaked into the Internet.

samsung chromebook 2

Samsung Chromebook 2 Specs, Pros, Cons and Updates: Cheap But Sturdy Laptops for the Casual User is Chromebook 2’s Motto

Oct 28, 2014

Cheap yet decent laptops keep on rising from nowhere making the technological market wider and thus catering to a much wider audience. Chromebook is one of those who fall into that category.

sony xperia z4

Sony Xperia Z4 News, Release Date: Fans Cannot Simply Wait for Sony Xperia Z4 as rumors on specifications and features spread all over the Internet

Oct 28, 2014

Despite it not being released yet, rumors about the Sony Xperia Z4 are spreading like wildfire everywhere. Some of the rumors include specifications and features of the upcoming gadget. Here are just some of the information out there.

sony smartwatch 3

Sony SmartWatch 3 News, Release Date: Specifications and Price Revealed but Has yet to be Given a Release Date

Oct 28, 2014

Marie Brewis from PC Advisor reported that the Sony SmartWatch 3 will be sporting 1.6 inch display which is a transflective TFT LCD screen capable of a 320 x 320 resolution. The Sony SmartWatch is 36 x 10 x 51 mm and weighs at 38 grams. It runs with a 1.2 GHz ARM A7 quad-core processor and possesses a RAM of 512 MB and 4 GB worth of storage.

apple tv

Apple TV: Pros, Cons and Comparisons; Adds HBO Go to their Streaming Services

Oct 28, 2014

As one may know, Apple TV is finally here and though it may not be the most overhyped Apple product, there are also a few things that make it a product worth purchasing. If you’re the type who loves to stream videos from Netflix, you might want to sit down and read a little bit more.

sony project morpheus

Sony Project Morpheus Release Date, Price, Specs, News and More: Project Morpheus to be released in 2015

Oct 28, 2014

Sony Project Morpheus is one of the much-awaited innovation that targets to enhance and revolutionize PS4 gaming. For those who do not have an idea yet, Project Morpheus refers to the virtual reality headset being developed by Sony which would eventually be a much-wanted gaming companion for Sony PS4 and Playstation Vita. Many are excited to try out the product and see how much improvement there is compared with the regular gaming system.

project ara

Project Ara Release Date, Specs, News, and More Updates: Project Ara to be Released this 2015

Oct 28, 2014

Project Ara, Motorola’s initiative to create ‘phone blocks’ allowing users to customize their phone with just the features which had been bought by Google, had been a hot topic as of late in the online community. The idea of choosing between a longer battery life or Bluetooth connection or camera and then switching it again makes the device really intriguing. Based on our reliable sources, Project Ara release date is pegged to be this 2015.

blackberry q20

Blackberry Q20 Release Date, Specifications, Price and More Details: Leaked Photos Unveiled, New Model Looks Like Q10

Oct 28, 2014

The soon-to-be-released Blackberry Q20 or also known as Blackberry Classic’s photos had recently been leaked from its Canadian mother company that had led to the innovation of using QWERTY phones. Gauging from the photos that have circulated online, the unit looks like that of Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Q10, barely giving any difference on physical appearance.

blackberry passport

Blackberry Passport Release Date, Review, Specs, and More: The Square Passport Keyboard

Oct 28, 2014

For those looking for Blackberry Passport release date announcement and updates, we have the freshest reviews and news about this device just for you. We’ll be going through every bit of detail and compare it with other related products to give you a gauge on whether or not you should purchase one for yourself. Here’s what we know so far: