Carrie Underwood Performs Two Songs on World AIDS Day (Watch Video)

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood bundled up her pregnant tummy, braved the cold, and performed two songs on the World AIDS Day in the chilling air of New York City's Times Square.  On December 1st, Underwood shared the stage with Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West and others on this U2 hosted event.

Underwood first performed 'Change,' an album cut from her 2010 'Play On' album. After a brief pause she sang an inspiring version of her current single, 'Something in the Water.' A thick, black overcoat kept her warm as her blonde hair blew in the chilly New York City night. The event was a way of saying "thanks."  See Underwood's performances below.

Underwood is also preparing for the release of her first ever greatest hits package which hits the shelves next Tuesday.  The new set will showcase her past hits, including 'Jesus, Take the Wheel,' 'Before He Cheats,' 'Just a Dream,' 'Temporary Home' and more.

It features two new songs - 'Something in the Water' and 'Little Toy Guns,' which Underwood co-wrote with Chris DeStefano and Hillary Lindsey - as well as four songs in never-before-released versions. 'How Great Thou Art' features Vince Gill, recorded live at ACM Presents: Girls' Night Out, while 'So Small,' 'Last Name' and 'Mama's Song' are all presented in the original work tapes from the writing sessions.

Disc 1
1. 'Something in the Water'
2. 'Little Toy Guns'
3. 'Inside Your Heaven'
4. 'Jesus, Take the Wheel'
5. 'Don't Forget to Remember Me'
6. 'Before He Cheats'
7. 'Wasted'
8. 'So Small'
9. 'All-American Girl'
10. 'Last Name'
11. 'Just a Dream'
12. 'I Told You So' (feat. Randy Travis)

Disc 2
1. 'Cowboy Casanova'
2. 'Temporary Home'
3. 'Undo It'
4. 'Mama's Song'
5. 'Remind Me' (duet with Brad Paisley)
6. 'Good Girl'
7. 'Blown Away'
8. 'Two Black Cadillacs'
9. 'See You Again'
10. 'How Great Thou Art' (with Vince Gill) [Live from ACM Presents: Girls' Night Out]*
11. 'So Small' (writing session worktape 1/24/07)*
12. 'Last Name' (writing session worktape 1/22/07)*
13. 'Mama's Song' (writing session worktape 2/5/09)*

* (Never-before-released version)



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