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JubileeCast is a chant of praise consisting of Psalms 113 through 118 from the Old Testament, used during various biblical festivals and holidays including Passover.

Hallelujah also spelled halleluiah, halleluyah, and the Greek and Latin form alleluia are transliterations of the Hebrew word הַלְּלוּיָהּ meaning "Praise ye Yah" or "Praise Jah, you people". The last syllable is from the first two letters of the name of God, YHWH (also transcribed JHVH). "Praise Jah" is therefore a shortened form of "Praise Yahweh" or, in another transliteration of the name, "Praise Jehovah"

JubileeCast is a shortcut for more Hallelujahs.

JubileeCast.com has been running since 2012 for the purpose of serving the Christian community as a Christian music web portal.

JubileeCast.com is a news website focusing on general entertainment, but especially with a niche in Christian music and Christian entertainment news.

JubileeCast updates every day, throughout the day, and looks to inform and educate our growing readership with accurate and top quality news updates, reviews, and images. We have a growing team of editors and reporters, with our head editors identified on the About Us page shown in the URL provided below. We also have a team of researchers and fact checkers to ensure we serve only the best quality news to our readers.

  • Editor in Chief

    Emily Wittmann

    Emily Wittmann is a talented media marketing executive with over twenty years of broad renowned experience in the entertainment industry. Her particular expertise is in maximizing her clients’ exposure in cable, broadcast, print and digital media. She has a unique knack for collaborating with editors, talent, artists, producers and directors to develop effective content creation and strategic marketing campaigns.

    She has worked as, Vice President, Visual Marketing for Island/Def Jam, VP Video Promotion with A&M Records, media/marketing consultant with Witt’s End Marketing & Media serving clients such as Channel One Network. Prior, Emily ran Nick Records Marketing & Media, the music label for Nickelodeon/A Viacom Company, working with talent, Drake Bell and Jamie Lynn Spears in addition to animated properties that included SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer. Emily also spent time as Vice President of Marketing at Edel Entertainment and has been part of the T.J. Martell Foundation’s Women of Influence and Family Day for the last 12 years.

    Her drive and passion for going beyond the expected and creating integrated strategic plans that bring together all lines of business make her a workforce in today’s marketplace.

  • Senior Editor

    Dr. Timothy Yap

    Dr. Timothy Yap (B. Ec., University of Sydney; B. Th., Sydney School of Divinity; Th. M., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Ph.D., Florida State University) serves as the senior editor of jubileecast. Prior to his involvement with jubileecast, Dr. Yap was a researcher and teacher at the Florida State University where he specializes in speech communication (particularly preaching), mass communication and journalism. He has also served as the regular preacher of WORD AFLAME (a faith based weekly preaching radio program) and the writer for BREATHEcast.com. And for some time he has also been on the advisory boards of radio stations. On top of his involvement with the media, Dr. Yap is also a popular preacher and he has also served as the senior pastor of churches in Australia, USA as well as in Canada.

  • Managing Editor

    Dorothy Li

    Dorothy Li is the managing editor of jubileecast. She is a musician, teacher, and writer. With a bachelor's degree in music performance and a master's in music therapy from New York University. When she is not writing, Dorothy enjoys playing the piano and reading historical fictions.

  • Staff Reporters

    • James William
    • Jay Tsang
    • Grace Powell
  • Chief Designer

    • Noel Jubilee
  • Chief Programmer

    • Justin Davis

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