The Latest Star Trek 3 News: J.J. Abrams Passes on the Director’s Chair to Bob Orci for the Star Trek 3 2016 Release

Star Trek 3

The Latest Star Trek 3 News:  J.J. Abrams Passes on the Director's Chair to Bob Orci for the Star Trek 3 2016 Release

Are you still wondering if William Shatner, the original Captain James Kirk of Star Trek 3 will really ever make a reprise of his role? Well, that remains unconfirmed. But here's the newest buzz about the remake
of Star Trek 3: the Search for Spock. Fans are guaranteed that director Bob Orci will definitely make the film phenomenal.

Yes, there's a change in who's going to direct the remake. J.J. Abrams who was supposed to take charge of the movie passes on his directorial duties to Orci while he handles Star Wars: Episode 7. The new director is the most "trekkie" of all, so the Star Trek 3 cast members have no qualms that Orci will unquestionably make people blown away.

According to Christian Today, "Some of the cast members set to reprise their roles in the third title have only words of admiration for the new director that will come to the Star Trek set. Karl Urban (Bones), Simon Pegg (Montgomery Scott) and John Cho (Hikaru Sulu) are confident that Orci's fine work will further transpire in the film now that he will be sitting in the director's chair. And as Urban put it, Star
Trek 3 is going to be phenomenal and it's going to rock."

Since the new director had worked with the remake of the popular Star Trek franchise in 2009, it does make a lot of sense that he takes the rein with this installment. Star Trek 3 is set for release in 2016.



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