'Dark Souls': A Halloween Special for Online Gamers

Dark Souls: A Halloween Special for Online Gamers
(Photo : Dark Souls: A Halloween Special for Online Gamers)

"Dark Souls": A Halloween Special for Online Gamers

Halloween is fast approaching and online gamers await for something special during this spooky month. For Dark Souls gamers, there's a great news you shouldn't miss. Be prepared as Dark Souls will finally transitioning from Games for Windows Live to Steam. With this version, every player can redeem those tokens for Dark Souls on Steam without the need to pay extra cash.

This coming November, Dark Souls players will have the chance to transfer their saved achievements and data to their Steam accounts. However, rankings on Games for Windows Live can't be transferred to Steam.

According to GameSpot, many PC players were upset when Bandai Namco elected to use Games for Windows Live in PC version of the popular Dark Souls back in year 2012. Such sentiments of many players only increased when Microsoft was shutting down the service. Even if it is not the case, several companies have been moving their "Dark Souls" off of Windows Live, which is what's currently happening.

Once Bandai Namco started the migration, the process for claiming the Steam copy is not complicated as most players think. What you only have to do is to redeem all your tokens in Games for Windows Live on Steam. To look for your token, use the process provided at the support page of the official website of Xbox.

Based on Siliconera, the process should be done during a particular period. This is not the same with moving your game's copy, which can be done at any time once the support is enabled.

VG 24/7 also revealed that Microsoft is sunsetting the Games for Windows Live. Therefore, it requires to remove from the existing games to remain playable. Since the service is inconsistent, majority of the players are anticipating for a possible patch. 

As of now, there are still no specific dates when migration starts. But, the announcements will happen soon though Bandai Namco just said that the migration will start sometime this Halloween. So, for players who have been waiting this moment, do not miss this once in a lifetime transition for you to enjoy a whole new level of gaming experience.

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