'Entourage' Movie Release Date, Latest News, Updates, Spoilers and Casting News: 'Entourage' TV Series Goes Big Time!


'Entourage' movie Release Date, Latest News, Updates, Spoilers and Casting News: 'Entourage' TV series goes Big Time!

The TV series "Entourage" is now a movie in the making. The famous HBO TV series started in 2004 and ended 2011 after eight seasons. "Entourage" will finally be seen on the big screen, thanks to Oscar-nominated actor and executive producer Mark Wahlberg. 

Like in the TV series, the movie version will present the budding career of A-list film star Vincent "Vinnie" Chase as none other than Adrian Grenier and his cronies.

Chase, together with his chums, New Yorkers Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), Johnny "Drama" Chase (Kevin Dillon), Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly), and the very versatile Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) will "conquer" Hollywood. Viewers will see how the five guys stick together, through thick and thin, while learning the ropes in Los Angeles, California.

Some spoiler alerts of the new film are:  Ari will manage a studio; Vinnie will get married; and Eric gets engaged once again. The main thought of  "Entourage" is male camaraderie in a Hollywood setting. The TV series/movie premise is more or less based on the life experience of Wahlberg when he was just starting as an actor.

Show creator Doug Ellin divulged in 2010 it would be interesting to make an "Entourage" film after the TV series ended on its eighth season. Main character Adrian Grenier confirmed in 2011 that a film screenplay for "Entourage" is the only thing they are waiting for. In June 2012, Wahlberg disclosed that the cast might go to Europe for some production work; also in the same year, Ellin finished the script. Finally, in October 2013 everything worked out and production started February 2014. Steven Fierberg is the cinematographer, while Ellin directs the movie. Executive producers are Rob Weiss and Mark Wahlberg.

Other stars of the film are: Rhys Coiro, Rex Lee, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Debi Mazar and Perrey Reeves. New roles will also be played by Haley Joel Osment and Bill Bob Thornton.

"Entourage" film is under HBO Company and Warner Bros. will take care of the distribution. Target release date of the film is June 5, 2015. 

With the new release date given, "Entourage" film will go up against the animation 'Bureau of Otherworldly Operations' (B.O.O.) from DreamWorks instead of 'Jurassic World' from Universal.

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