‘Boardwalk Empire’ Finale: Nucky’s Death Fall Short of Punishment for His Misdeeds

Boardwalk Empire

'Boardwalk Empire' Finale: Nucky's Death Fall Short of Punishment for His Misdeeds

Born to avenge the death of his father, Tommy Darmody has arrived at the fulfilment of his mission in "Boardwalk Empire Finale: Eldorado," thus, putting an end to a series of injustices committed to his family.

A dose of his own medicine, Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) had received a final blow when a revelation was made just before his final breath. At least he had the chance to understand his fate, and understand why his death means so much to Tommy Darmody, whom he has known for so long as Joe Harper. TV Line reported that  Tommy disclosed his true identity to Nucky just before he fired his gun amidst the populated pathway of Atlantic City at the sight of federal agents.

Nucky's tragic death equals the tragic saga of Tommy's Dad and his grandmother, Gillian.

In an interview with TVLine, producer Terence Winter explained why there is such a grievous end for Nucky. He said, "We came to that conclusion around the middle of Season 4. We had been batting around various possibilities, and we talked about how keeping Nucky alive might be a worse punishment for him - living a life of obscurity for a guy like him might be a horrible thing. But then we just felt like the more powerful conclusion to that story was to have him die at the hand of Jimmy's son." 

On the other hand, IGN reported that some viewers were expecting a different verdict on Nucky.  Suggesting a more remorseful attitude towards those he offended and of course, should somehow suffer the consequences of his actions.  This could mean imprisonment or any form of punishment from the authorities. 

Sometime in his life, Nucky has fallen victim to harsh circumstances which shaped his character into what he has become.  And as a consequence, Tommy's family has fallen victim to his already tragic fate.  Maybe his sudden death is a too abrupt end for such a long running drama, and fans are expecting a lot more. But, just like anything else, it has to have its end.


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