'Mom' Season 2 Premiere, Release Date, Latest News, Updates and Spoilers: Check Out What Christy Plunkett, Bonnie Plunkett and Voilet are up to!

Mom Season 2

'Mom' Season 2 Premiere, Release Date, Latest News, Updates And Spoilers: Check Out What Christy Plunkett, Bonnie Plunkett And Voilet Are Up To!

High ratings it is! To ensure high ratings, CBS network decided to prioritize their hit series 'The Big Bang Theory' by presenting it not just once, but twice! The back-to-back episodes paid off because the 'geeky group' got 18 million viewers in their first episode and 18.24 million viewers in their second episode. For adults under demographics, 'The Big Bang Theory' got a 5.4 rating.   

Given time "Mom" TV series might just do the same. Viewers will have to wait and see. But nevertheless, the sitcom is back after seating it out for some time. Mom returns with more topics that viewers can definitely relate to.

"Mom" TV series, which premiered last Sept. 23, 2013, is all about the ups and downs of three lovely ladies. It zooms in to Christy Plunkett (Anna Faris), her mother Bonnie Punkett (Allison Janney) and Violet (Sadie Calvano). Christy is a single mom, one-time alcoholic and ex drug-user who reestablishes her extra-ordinary life in Sonoma, California. She is a waitress but she also attends AA meetings. Christy lives with her mom Bonnie, a recovering alcohol and drug addict as well. Seventeen-year old Violet is the eldest child of Christy. She gave birth at an early age, but decided to have her child adopted hoping to stop their family tragic cycle.    

Other characters in the TV series are: Roscoe (Blake Garrett Rosenthal), the youngest child of Christy. He isn't so bright, but he is loyal to Baxter (Matt L. Jones), his dad. Roscoe idolizes Baxter even if he is not a good role model. Baxter is charming, but not very dependable. 

 Violet's boyfriend is Luke (Spencer Daniels). Luke is an 'airhead' yet a sensitive individual. He will do anything to prove to Violet that he really loves her.

 Gabriel (ate Corddry) is a co-worker of Christy. He manages the restaurant where Christy is working. Gabriel and Christy became lovers once. Another co-worker of Christy is Chef Rudy (French Stewart). He is arrogant and secretive. Bonnie and Chef Rudy had a 'thing' once too. 

Marjorie Armstrong (Mimi Kennedy)is an old chum of Bonnie and a recovering addict. Marjorie is also a breast cancer victim.

Gemma Baker, Chuck Lorre and Eddie Gorodetsky created the "Mom" TV series. Executive producers of the show are Eddie Gorodetsky, Chuck Lorre and Nick Bakay.

The season premiere 'Hepatitis and Lemon Zest' airs Oct. 30, 2014. New characters for the episode are Mr. Perugian (Jonny Coyne), Dudley (James Earl) Andrea (Meredith Giagrande) and Jill (Jamie Pressly).

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