The Brilliance Brings Liturgical Music to Modern Worship with "Brother"


Brilliance, a Christian duo, brings liturgical music to modern worship. On February 17, Brilliance will be releasing their Integrity Music debut "Brother."

David Gungor and John Arndt, collectivelly known as the Brilliance,will release "Brother" globally the week Lent begins (Feb 18) as both a physical CD available at Christian retail outlets and as a digital album, available through all major digital service providers.

"What I love about The Brilliance is that when they play, the atmosphere changes," says Adrian Thompson, Integrity's Vice President of A&R. "They bring the beauty of art into our worship times with a sense of meditation, reflection and joy to create a 'Selah' moment in the middle of our cluttered lives. I believe The Brilliance have something important to bring to our worship moments. They cut across denominations, cultures and ages... that is why we are delighted to be able to partner with them."

Fans who are discovering The Brilliance echo the same, with reviews for previous albums including comments such as: "hauntingly beautiful," "compelling," "thought-provoking, lovely" and "a breath of fresh air in modern worship."

The Brilliance previously released four albums - The BrillianceCavetimeAdvent Volume 1and Advent Volume 2, along with two EPs, Lent and For Our Children. The duo, backed by a variety of musicians including cellists, violinists and rhythm players, have been sharing their music on the road, in churches and "house shows" around the country, including recent Advent and Christmas concerts in California, Texas, Washington, Kansas, Michigan and Washington, D.C.  


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