Sidney Mohede “The Rescue” EP Review

sidney mohede

Prime Cuts:  It's Done (with Darlene Zschech), Jesus It is You, Hosanna (Be Lifted High) (with Israel Houghton)

No one can ever build picket fences around God's Word.  Once known as an impenetrable impasse of Muslim hegemony, now the Gospel has made mind-boggling inroads into Indonesia.  One evidence of such triumphant is the 12,000 member church Jakarta Praise Community Church where Sidney Mohede serves as the network pastor.  Over the years, Mohede and the church worship team have release worship albums in Indonesian, Mandarin and English.  Recently, he has signed with the visionary imprint, Integrity Music (Darlene Zschech, Paul Baloche & Planetshakers) who are poised to take Mohede's music internationally.  The first step taken in this partnership is the release of "The Rescue" EP.

Late last year, Mohede released "The Rescue" on his own as a full length 11 track album.  Unbeknownst as to Integrity Music's rationale, they have only chosen 5 songs out of the LP as a teaser-EP.  Mohede 's sonic template of worship music follows closely to that of one of his duet partners Darlene Zschech.  This means this EP is stocked with tunes designed for congregational worship adorned with big recognizable hooks equipped with energy and passion.  In this regard, "Open Up the Sky" is the perfect song to open a worship set with.  The cascading melody, Mohede's octave stretching tenor, and the flurry of electric guitar outbursts are ready to channel our eyes onto what our sovereign Christ can do. 

Darlene Zschech, who has often led services with Mohede, offers her mellifluous voice to "It's Done."  Calling to mind Zschech's "At the Cross," this power ballad reminds us of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.  But the buzz song here has to be the sublime "Jesus It is You."  A tear-jerking ballad that speaks of God's provision from providing the food on our table to walking with us in our darkest alleys, Jesus has never been more glorious than on this thoughtful ballad.  "Hosanna (Be Lifted High)" is a cover from Israel Houghton.  And here Houghton pays a surprising visit in delivering what is his most heartfelt performance on this soul-wrenching ballad.  

As aforementioned, this EP is just a teaser of more to come.  And as an entrée, it serves the church well by servicing her with lots of tunes worship leaders can incorporate into their sets, particularly, "Jesus It is You."  Here's looking forward to Mohede's full length (hopefully live) Integrity Music album to come.  



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