Celebrating Valentine's Day with Darlene Zschech's "Everything About You"

Darlene Zschech

Though Darlene Zschech is known for her worship anthems such as "Shout to the Lord," "At the Cross," and "The Potter's Hand," she did take some time out from her busy schedule to record a love song for her own husband.  Amidst her busy schedule leading world tours, recording and leading worship with Hillsong Church where she functions as worship pastor, in 2003, Darlene Zschech did write a love song for her husband.  

"Everything About You" is a song lifted out of Darlene Zschech's solo album "Kiss of Heaven." Kiss of Heaven is the first solo album released in 10 years by Zschech. While Kiss of Heaven has been credited as the debut solo album of Darlene Zschech, it is not her first solo album. Her first solo album was simply called Make The Choice (1987), and a second called Pearls and Gold was released in Australia in 1993.

What makes "Everything About You" our Valentine Day favorite is because it not only expresses the unconditional love Zschech has for her husband, but it also exults the importance of being a Godly father.  Love is important not just between couples, but a Godly parent needs to delight in the joy of children that God places in our lives.  The line: "Oh, I love the light that shines in your eyes/When you talk about our girls" is a gem.

Moreover, for Zschech, love is never just an expression between couples.  Rather, Zschech also praises her husband for his love for the broken.  This reminds us that Valentine's Day is not just a day for couples.  Rather, it's also a day we extend love to the singles, the widows, the lonely, and the broken.  

Here are the words of "Everything About You"

You chased me
I caught you
So glad we found each other

We whispered forever
To share our lives together
To watch our dreams unfold

And I love everything about you
Everything you are
You'll catch a falling star
If I asked you
And I couldn't live a single day without you
You hold me in your arms
And once again I know
That I'm the only one for you

The way you laugh
The way we dance
The way you hold my hand

The way you give
The way you kiss
The way you look at me
You make life beautiful


Oh, I love the light that shines in your eyes
When you talk about our girls
And love the way you smile
When they walk into the room

Oh, I love how you care about brokenness
How injustice moves your heart enough
To make a change
You give all you are

*Chorus x 2 

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