Lee Ann Womack Has Recorded a Gospel Song "I've Seen the Rock of Ages" for Record Day 2015

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In preparation for Record Day 2015 (April 18), Lee Ann Womack will be releasing a three-track 12″ vinyl release.The limited-edition record, "Trouble in Mind," will feature Womack's rendition of "I've Seen the Rock of Ages," a tribute she has recorded in honor of Ralph Stanley.  

The song together with two other tracks were recorded during a one-day session at Womack's home studio with her husband/producer Frank Liddell and guitarist/producer Richard Bennett. The project's title track is a cover of the classic blues song of the same name; Womack also recorded the Roger Miller-penned "Where Have All the Average People Gone."

"I love the idea of mixing things up, but stripping them back," Womack tells Rolling Stone Country. "When you make things that basic, you can hear all the commonalities between, say, Lightnin' Hopkins and Ralph Stanley. When you make those connections, that's when it gets interesting."

This stripped down EP follows on the heels of Womack's latest LP, The Way I'm Livin'.

"Nowadays everybody's making everything so big and bombastic, with tons of players," she says. "Frank put me in a lounge, and the musicians sat around to hear me sing acoustic, just really raw. And then instead of listening to the demo, they'd just listen to me sing it and build from there.


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