Actor Matt Drago Speaks About the New Movie "WWJD: The Journey Continues"

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Coming to DVD on March 31st is "WWJD: The Journey Continues."  The movie features John Schneider, Lorenzo Lamas, Matt Drago, Mike C. Manning, Peter Sebastian Wrobell, and Joseph Nasser.  It will be directed by Gabriel Sabloff and produced by Jack Nasser.

"WWJD: The Journey Continues" is a good follow-up to the first film! It once again features John Schneider as the "Drifter," a figure who comes into town and makes people think about how well their lives are lined up with what they say they believe according to Scripture.

We pause to chat with Matt Drago, one of the actors of the movie, for this exclusive Hallels' interview:

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of WWJD2.  What do you think are the lessons people can grasp after watching this movie?

Thank you, I'm very excited for the release of the film and just got to see it for the first time at the premiere in Los Angeles a few nights ago. I think people will really enjoy it! The film has a lot of lessons, but my biggest takeaway was the power of forgiveness and in faith helping people overcome the obstacles in their lives. 

Hallels:  Do you think non-Christians can profit out of watching this movie?

Absolutely. The film touches on stories that I think would connect with anyone, which I think is true of most movies in this genre. The film is entertaining, and has a lot of valuable lessons about making good choices and nurturing the relationships in our lives. Those messages are relevant to Christians and non-Christians, in my opinion. 

Hallels:  What's your role in the movie?  How did you get along with the cast especially John Schneider?

I play AJ in the film, and without giving too much away my character is definitely not making the right choices at this point in his life. I usually play the "nice guy" characters, though, so as an actor it was fun to branch out and play someone very different from myself! 
The cast and crew were amazing to work with, one of the best overall film experiences I've ever had. It is easy to become close with a cast when everyone is so nice to begin with, of course. I felt really lucky to get to work with John Schneider. He has such a powerful presence as an actor, but is also incredibly warm and friendly in person. I really enjoyed getting to meet him as well as the rest of the cast.     

Hallels:  What is your favorite part or scene in the movie?

One of my favorite scenes is between Lorenzo Lamas and Peter Sebastian Wrobell, at the end of the movie. I don't want to give away anything, though, so you'll have to watch the film and see it! It is a very powerful scene, and I just found out that it was shot with just one take for each of the actors because the sun was setting and they were losing light. Very impressive, those guys are so talented. 

I also love all the scenes between the two young brothers in the film, played by Brady Hender and Mike C. Manning. They are two of the nicest actors I've ever met, and they have a really great connection on screen. Those scenes are fun to watch. 

Hallels:  I believe you are also giving away copies of the movie, tell us more about the contest you are running. 

I am! I'm running a contest on my Facebook Page to give away a copy of the movie. People who follow me on Facebook and Twitter can just sign up for the contest, and then a winner will be chosen on May 1st. I wanted to find a way to connect with people who were interested in the film, and thought this would be a fun way to do it! 

Hallels:  Let's talk a little about yourself:  besides being an actor you also sing?  What kind of songs do you sing?  Are you planning on an album release soon?

I've been singing and acting since I was a kid, so getting to do great projects is always exciting for me. I recently did a fun project with Disney, where I played Scar from The Lion King in a music video called "Counting Scars" that was a big hit over Halloween last year. I'm always excited to work on a project where I also get to sing. I don't have any immediate album plans... but you might have just given me a good idea! You can check out some of the songs I've recorded previously over on my website's music demo page.    

Hallels:  What's next for you?  

I just wrapped up working on a few short films, and I'm back on the audition circuit now! As an actor, it is always about the next job, but I'm really excited about where things are headed. Personally, I'm about to celebrate my first wedding anniversary with my wife. We're taking a "second honeymoon" to Jamaica, so we're pretty excited to do that in a few weeks! 

Hallels:  As an actor and musician, what gives you joy and satisfaction in life?

Getting to work, and to make a living doing what I love, is an incredible journey. Creating films is exciting and interesting, there's so much that goes on behind the camera that I'm also fascinated by. I feel really lucky to be part of this industry. Beyond that, I'm lucky to have great relationships in my life. My wife and I have a new puppy who brings us a lot of joy, and we have amazing friends who are so supportive and are a big part of our lives.  




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