Christian Hip Hop Artist Asaiah Ziv (Formerly Known as KIDD) Has a New #1 Song "Ziv?"

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Formerly known by the name KIDD, Asaiah Ziv has a #1 charting song called "Ziv?"  Ziv was signed at just 15 years old to indie label Infiltrate Music and at 17, released his debut album Murder My Flesh (2013). The album rose to the #15 spot on iTunes Hip Hop charts, reached #6 on Amazon Music's Christian charts, and #14 on the Billboard Gospel album chart. Under the moniker KIDD, he also released a successful free project to promote his collective/movement known as HIPSAVVY which received over 20,000 downloads.

Now 18 years old, the artist formerly known as KIDD is coming into his own and chose a unique name that more appropriately represents his artistry, a name that will stay with him throughout his musical journey. Asaiah Ziv means "God created brilliance."

Current fans were quick to recognize his sound when Asaiah Ziv released a free download of the song, "Ziv?" which was accompanied by the hashtag and question, "#WhoIsAsaiahZiv?"

The question was quickly answered with a video release the following day. The music video confirmed that KIDD fans were on target with their recognition of his sound, no matter the name. The video also revealed a new maturity, both musically and in life. The boy has become a man and quickly won over new fans with the world premiere of the music video on mainstream hip-hop outlet

"Throughout the years I pulled different experiences and knowledge from many individuals I surrounded myself with at a very young age," the artist says. "Learning from my past failures and achievements, I grabbed everything I learned and drafted new goals. I decided to change my name because I felt ready to be taken more seriously than the moniker 'KIDD' allows."

By any name, Asaiah Ziv is an artist who inspires with eloquent observations of his world and his life through insightful lyrics and memorable music.







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