Plumb Releases Worship Album "Exhale" on May 4


PLUMB is back with her new Curb Records studio abum "Exhale."  This is her seventh album, to be released on May 4th, follows the tour-de-force success of her previous album NEED YOU NOW, an intense collection that coincided with the artist's personal struggle in her marriage up through her family's restoration. This story ultimately lead to the artist writing her memoir, titled 'Need You Now: A Story of Hope'.

EXHALE is the resulting collection of songs filled with worship and thanksgiving, coupled with the distinctive sound for which Plumb is renowned.   The concept of EXHALE was born from a Sunday sermon at PLUMB's home church in Nashville, TN. Much of Plumb's message in her 2014 memoir was focused on hope, with her firsthand testimony and mantra being, "Hope is oxygen and we all need to breathe." In this particular sermon, her pastor, Pete Wilson of Crosspoint Church, reinforced the concept that Christians do not exist for themselves but rather to come into church to breathe in grace, hope and truth so that they can then go out and "exhale" into their surrounding community.  

Plumb's genuine heart of worshipful gratitude has combined with this notion of "exhaling" on the new album, revealing the most overt and honest Plumb album to date. The album cover features a handwritten note by PLUMB herself outlining the theme and outlook of the album with the following message:    "We do not exist for us but to share the grace and love given to us all. We breathe it in, it changes us, and then we breathe it out, we share it.  I have now breathed in deeply and it has changed me completely.  It has healed my heart, restored my home and made me new.  Because of that grace, there is always hope. It's oxygen. Breathe it in...and then EXHALE." 

EXHALE track listing (* denotes bonus tracks on deluxe edition)

1. Exhale

2. Lord, I'm Ready Now

3. Smoke

4. Resurrection

5. Great is Our God

6. My True Love

7. Broken Places

8. Faithful

9. Champion

10. Sleep Will Be Sweet

11. When You Walk Into The Room

12. Restored*

13. We Stand For You*

14. You Are Enough 

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