Has Lifeway Stopped Selling Books by Osteen, Meyer, Bell & Copeland?


A document linked to LifeWay Christian Resources seems to suggest that the popular book store has dropped the books of up to 150 authors from their inventory.  Some of the names include Che Ahn, Clay Aiken, Rob Bell, John Bevere, Rodney Howard-Browne, Juanita Bynum, Kenneth Copeland, Paul Crouch, Mark Driscoll, Eddie Long, Brian McLaren, Thomas Merton, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Walter Wink, William Paul Young, and numerous others. Some Bibles on the list are: New American BibleNew Jerusalem BibleToday's New International VersionThe Voice Bible, and The World on the Street (Bible Paraphrase).

However, a representative from Lifeway has confirmed that the bookstore has not released the list.  "Although LifeWay Christian Resources does not carry titles by most of the authors included on a list recently posted on the Internet - and has never carried most of them - this list was not released by LifeWay," Marty King, director of communications for the company, told The Christian Post on Thursday.

The document, titled "List of authors removed from Lifeway" was made available for download Wednesday on In a blog post first published Wednesday, April 8, site owner Cameron Dobbins, wrote, "LifeWay sent out a company email to all employees in regards to their decision and an acquaintance of mine who works for LifeWay sent me the list of banned resources/authors.

Recently, Lifeway has also discontinued carrying titles that deal with "heavenly tourism." One such title pulled from its inventory in January is the book The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, written by Kevin and Alex Malarkey.


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