J. Douglas Wright Celebrates Mother's Day with "Mama's Faith"

j. douglas wright

With Mother's Day around the corner, singer and songwriter J. Douglas Wright has released his new single "Mama's Faith."  This ode to his mother is taken from his brand new album "Hole in the Sky."

Wright says of his new song: "The song is about my mother, and the following lyrics sum up much of what she has taught me by her example: God is great, God is good/Live your life the way that He would/Give and share/Laugh and sing/You'll see the joy life can bring."

Further, Wright has convinced his mother Kitty to sing along to on the single.  "And guess what? After much begging, Mom agreed to sing on "Mama's Faith"! Many of you already know that Mom had a singing career around the time she finished college. One of the highlights of it was when a TV station based in Charlotte, North Carolina had open auditions for someone to headline a summer television show. People came from everywhere, stood in line, auditioned, and Mom was selected. The name of the group was Kitty Wright and the Southern Playboys, and they sang popular songs from the day."

J. Douglas Wright is a singer-songwriter who has been awarded top prizes by the International Music and Entertainment Association (Christian Male Vocalist of the Year, 2013), The Independent Music Awards (Best Contemporary Christian Song, 2011), The International Songwriting Association (Contemporary Christian Song, 2011), and Embassy Music (Grand-Prize Winning Songwriter, 2003). Still, his friends call him "Doug", and he admits he will answer to just about anything (J-Dough, Dougly Do Wright, Dougie Doug, or Guod). "When we were trying to decide on an artist name for me, J. Douglas Wright seemed to work at the time, but I keep thinking of changing it to just Fred." 


01. In His Hands
02. Typical Day in Heaven
03. Mama's Faith (feat. Kitty Wright)
04. Jangchikyjang
05. I Saw You
06. No Go
07. Weeds
08. Make Us New
09. Big Voice
10. Seven Angels 

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