Fireflight and Seventh Day Slumber Headlining the "Small Town American Tour 2015"


Fireflight and Seventh Day Slumber are embarking on a joint tour, the fifth annual "Small Town America Tour 2015."  Special guests include Shonlock and Scarlet White. 
Known for playing many smaller towns often overlooked by major tours, this year's "Small Town America Tour" ( is planning a multi-state, full-production run across the country. Promoters and churches in both small and large towns interested in bring this event to their area are invited to contact JBH Booking Agency (615-671-9323, as the agency is building the full itinerary for the 35- to 40-city tour now.
Seventh Day Slumber's guitarist Jeremy Holderfield explains the premise behind the acclaimed tour: "We know larger tours skip over the small towns because they believe there won't be a big turnout. Well, we love the small towns and believe it's the heart of America. So once a year we do this tour specifically geared toward small communities and smaller churches. We lower our costs as much as possible and put on the BIGGEST concert we possibly can. It's an awesome opportunity for small towns to get a big tour with big bands at an affordable cost. Larger towns are still welcome to participate of course!"
"Fireflight is so excited to join Seventh Day Slumber on 'The Small Town America Tour' this fall!" exclaims Fireflight guitarist Glenn Drennen. "One of our very first tours as a baby band was with SDS and we have a lot of history and memories with those guys! We cannot wait to usher in the next era of Fireflight and bring the music of INNOVA to the public on 'The Small Town America Tour!'" 

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