David and Tamela Mann Celebrate 27 Years of Marriage on "Mann and Wife"

David and Tamela Mann

On David and Tamela Mann Bounce TV's "Mann & Wife," the famous couple are giving the world a glimpse of what is like to celebrate 27 years of marriage in a God centered union. After starring in the BET docu-series "It's A Mann's World," the number one TBS sitcom and "Meet The Browns," the Manns are currently appearing on the new Bounce TV series, "Mann & Wife."

"27 years ago today I married the most incredible woman on earth. When I found her I found a GOOD THING and now I truly have favor with God," David wrote on the pair's joint Instagram account. "Forever with you just doesn't seem long enough but I promise I'm going to make the best of our time together I Love you Tamela Mann. #mannandwife #mannsworld."

After 26 years of marriage, the pair finishes each others' sentences in interviews and find ways to make one another laugh even while working. While they speak about genuinely enjoying each other's company on and off of the red carpet, David insists he does not have to work on balancing his family since he makes them a priority.

"In this industry there's something that we never balance and that's our marriage and our family. There's our marriage and family, then the industry," David revealed to CP. "We never give anything the same weight that we give our marriage and family because any time you balance something, you give it weight to balance it. Our marriage, our family, our relationship far outweighs anything we'll do in this industry or in this business."

Catch David and Tamela Mann on Bounce TV's "Mann & Wife" Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.



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