Carol Schuller Milner, Daughter of the Late Robert H. Schuller, is Asking for Money to Cover Dad's Funeral Expenses

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Carol Schuller Milner, the daughter of the late Robert H. Schuller, has started a GoFundMe campaign to cover funeral expenses for her dad. She is asking for  $30,000 to cover the costs for the funeral of the Crystal Cathedral founder and she wants to use a portion of the funds to start a legacy website to honor her late-father. On April 2, the 88-year-old Schuller died and his funeral was held April 20 at the former Crystal Cathedral building.

"This gofundme account, if funded in full, will provide a budget for all this plus a video production and a first phase website of - the official website sanctioned by Robert H. Schuller and his estate, helping to tell the story and legacy of Robert H. Schuller," wrote Milner on the GoFundMe page.

"Schuller gave over 60 years of his life teaching others to 'believe in the God who believes in you!' And 'if you can dream it you can do it!' Let's join together for a glorious goodbye to Schuller and a faith-filled hello to our own dreams."

Though the Rev. Schuller and his wife founded the Crystal Cathedral church in Garden Grove, Orange County, California, the megachurch had suffered declines in funding and attendees in its last years. The Crystal Cathedral building itself was sold to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange for $57.5 million, and eventually renamed the Christ Cathedral in 2012. Moreover, over the last few years, the Schullers became embroiled in legal actions surrounding the financial compensation they received from Crystal Cathedral Ministries.



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