Leigh Nash, Lead Singer of Sixpence None Richer, Seeks Our Help for Her New Album

Leigh Nash

Lead singer of Sixpence None The Richer Leigh Nash is getting ready to record her new solo album. This time around, Leigh has turned to fan-funding site PledgeMusic for the very first time to allow fans to preorder the album and help finish it.

Hello everyone!


Leigh Nash here. This is my very first ever PledgeMusic campaign! So welcome to you and welcome to me! I've hinted subtly and lately, not so subtly, that I've started a brand new record. Sixpence fans, this will be all me, but I hope you'll love it anyway.

As many of you know, I spent much of my life singing in a band called Sixpence None the Richer. In the last 10 years my son was born, my father died, my marriage failed, I learned how to be all kinds of great things I never thought I could; Practicing grace, forgiveness and as close as I can get to unconditional love on a daily basis. I'd love to show you where I've been, and show you with music!

I have written a collection of songs that I am wildly happy with, and so thrilled for you to hear. That's where you come in! By pre-ordering my record, I get to show you more and include you in this journey. The hoped for outcome of this PledgeMusic campaign is that this music gets heard and I am able to share more of myself and the gift that I believe God has given me. I have made some very personal drawings, will be making a few super unique and personalized necklaces and giving away some of my boots! More stuff too, stay tuned. And thank you!


Learn how you can support Leigh here:!



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