Mary Mary's Tina Campbell's New Album "It's Personal" is Delayed

Tina Campbell

One half of Gospel duo Mary Mary Tina Campbell's brand new solo album "It's Personal" was not released on its assigned release date on May 7. The much anticipated album features Stevie Wonder, some well-known family members such as her husband Teddy Campbell, sister Erica Campbell, brother-in-law Warryn Campbell, and mother Honey Atkins.

The committed Christian is now saying she has no idea when the album will be released. Now with the delayed release of the highly touted album, the singer says she's watching and waiting to see what happens with the project like everyone else.

"I wish I had answers for exactly when my CD will be available but the truth is, I'm waiting and expecting just like all the fans. I suppose I'm learning about all the unexpected twists and turns of being independent, all while everyone, including me, watches and waits," Campbell wrote on Twitter. "My plan didn't go as planned for a May 7 album release. I sure didn't intend to disappoint."

"When you've done all u can, u just rest in God's plan. On that note, I'm resting my head," she wrote. "Thanks for your patience. I pray the whole world feels it was worth the wait once it finally hits."

Despite the delay of the album, Campbell's book "I Need A Day To Pray" was released May 7. 

In 2000, Tina married Teddy Campbell, who is the drummer for American Idol. He has a daughter, Cierra, from a previous relationship. Together they have five children. Their daughter Laiah Simone Campbell was born on September 9, 2003. Second daughter Meela Jane Campbell was born on June 11, 2007.On October 20, 2009 their son Glendon Theodore II, Tj, was born. Tina gave birth to a son, Santana Campbell, on August 4, 2012 

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