ResLife Worship “Higher” Album Review

Reslife Worship

Prime Cuts:  Higher, In You, Real Good Day

ResLife Worship's "Higher" check marks every category for what warrants a stellar worship album.  For starters, they are inclusive in their approach.  Instead of being deadlocked into a specific tempo or style of music, here you will find a diversity of styles enmeshed across the record.  From those who can't get enough of EDM-driven worship a la Hillsong Young and Free to those who prefer a classic stadium rock sound to those who are more avant grande in their musical taste, the 12 original songs here are diverse enough that they speak to worshippers of variegated musical tastes.  Moreover, the songs on this set are all God-besotted homilies brimming with palatable Biblical truths that they flourish our vocabulary with fresh and exciting expressions of worship.  Further, the leaders of ResLife Worship have created an inviting presence to God throughout the album with their passionate demeanour that gently prods us to worship along.

ResLife Worship is the worship team of Resurrection Life Church. Located in Grandville, Michigan, Resurrection Life Church has always had a strong music ministry. Over the years, songs such as, "Friend Of God," "Say So," "Does Anybody Here," and "La Buena Vida," have been birthed out of the spirit of worship from this church and have become worship anthems around the world. Worship Leader Magazine named Resurrection Life Church as one of the top 20 worship destinations in the country. Led by Ken Reynolds and Jonathan Cordero, ResLife WORSHIP continues to move forward with the call and mission of building God's Kingdom.

Destined to be a worship classic across churches worldwide is the title cut "Higher."  What sets "Higher" apart from many contemporary worship songs is that it brings out the Biblical truth of how God's inhabitation of our praises grows and grows as our worship intensifies:  "We will lift you higher, higher/You will show yourself stronger, stronger/For you laid down your life/No greater sacrifice, Jesus."  As aforementioned, those who like an electronic beat to accompany their praise will salivate with heavy synth-driven "All the Way."  "Real Good Day," on the other hand, calls to mind Vertical Church's "I'm Going Free (Jailbreak)" with its bodacious rock n' roll bounce and with its infectious "woa-oh" hooks.   

Blasting with brassy horns is the militant "Till the Walls Fall Down." More subdued and restrained is the somehow more pedantic acoustic sounding "Come and Worship."  While most of the songs here feature live vocals from male leads, "In You" features a welcoming female voice that resembles that of Hillsong's Annie Garrett. "In You" is a beautiful worship ballad of surrender to Jesus that climaxes with line:  "Reign in Me/I am Yours/I am Yours, completely."  

Though worship bands now saturate the Christian music market, ResLife Worship's debut record for Dream Records trumps on the fact that it is a well-balanced album that encompasses a variegated style.  Further, the way the team draw us to Christ through their hook-laden and Biblically informed songs is by itself worth more than the price of this download. 



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