Becca Bradley “The Lion’s Eyes” EP Review

Becca Bradley

Prime: Yours, The Lion's Eyes, Children of God

Bradley has a voice that pulverizes.  With the wispiness of Leigh Nash and the mellifluousness of JJ Heller, Bradley has a way of interweaving both profundity and subtleties in her vocal cadences that is rewardingly soul-searching.  When she sings not only can she express the vulnerability of our hearts before God with its complex array of fears and doubts, but she can also reveal to us the tenderness of God coming to our weaknesses in utter grace.  Such vocal competencies in the world of CCM is rare.  And Bradley's voice itself is worth the price of this worship EP "The Lion's Eyes."

Bradley is a worship leader and "The Lion's Eyes" is her second EP.  Bradley has played alongside such notable artists as Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and various other accomplished bands and artists. She spent a year on tour with Francesca Battistelli, playing and singing in the background-making appearances on national shows like Good Morning America and Fox & Friends.  "The Lion's Eyes" features 6 new songs with half of them coming solely from Bradley's pen with the rest being co-writes with other notable scribes such as Stephen Duncan, Nancy Blandford, and Evan Sieling.

"Children of God" is the best showcase for Bradley's exceptional vocals.  With just the right touch of tenderness and an earnestness that emerges out of a yearning heart, "Children of God" finds Bradley beckoning us to come to worship God with a child-like humility before the Father. "People of Light" packs more of a propulsive punch aided by a heavier percussion and fuzzier guitar strums as Bradley reminds us again of our status and calling before God.  "Yours" details another talent of Bradley -- her love for the cello.  Backed by some crunchy sounding acoustic guitar bedding, "Yours" is a gentle love ballad directed to Jesus made even more amorous with Bradley's cello pulls.  Like the works of C. S. Lewis, "Yours" is quip with copious quotable lines including "I have fought / I've fought Your grace with hands defiled / Still You never turned Your face from this child."

For those of us caught in the mire of disappointments and discouragements, the tender "You See It All" is prosaic to the soul.  Grounding our confidence in God being our Creator, "You See It All" assures us that nothing that happens to us takes our Creator by surprise.  Reminding one of Rend Collective's brand of folkish-pop is the ultra-catchy title cut "The Lion's Eyes."  The song creatively depicts the ultimate battle between darkness and the light that blazes from the Lion's eyes.  Such a picturesque image has also inspired Bradley to paint the EP cover which illustrates this vivid imagery.  Thus, if you are looking for a uniquely crafted collection of worship songs performed by a voice that expresses both vulnerability and strength, give this CD a spin.


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