Carrie Underwood Reveals Information About Her Upcoming Album "Storyteller"

Carrie Underwood

American Idol winner and country music superstar Carrie Underwood has recently hit #1 on both the Christian and country charts with her smash single "Something in the Water."  Now, the "Jesus Take the Wheel" singer is coming back with her all new album "Storyteller" on October 23 via Arista Nashville Records. 

In her Aug. 20 Facebook chat, Underwood revealed that her new album's first single will be a song called "Smoke Free."  "The song itself is one of those story songs I feel like everybody can relate to, about how life is so hectic," Underwood explains. "And it's so nice when - if and when - you actually get to step away for a second. We all need that, and we all need that time to ourselves and to get to take a break."

"Smoke Break" was written by Underwood with Hillary Lindsey and Chris DeStefano, and it was produced by Jay Joyce. A preview of the song is available on Underwood's website, and it dropped to country radio during her Facebook chat.

Underwood did admit to Taste of Country when her son Isaiah was three months old that she'd written a song about him - and it would almost definitely be on the record. "I'd be very willing to put money that it will be on there," Underwood said of the tune, which has a title she wouldn't reveal.

"I'll cut anything," she adds. "I have no loyalties to any song, even if it's one I wrote. But I think it'll make it on there."

Of the new album, Underwood reveals: "There's definitely a different sound that's coming together. I want everything to have its own space and look different, sound different, feel different. So I've been working with another producer, as well as with Mark Bright, who I'm always gonna love, but getting things a little different, and it's been fun."

She adds that the new album has a "different sort of twang ... kind of a rock twang. So there should be some things that [fans] hopefully have liked about the music we've done, but also a little growth, a little bit of shift, so still things they've liked but new things to see, hear and feel."











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