Alache Speaks About Her New EP in Five Years "The Chronicles of the Mrs"


Alaché returns November 6th with her new 7-track EP, The Chronicles of The Mrs. The lead single, "Heaven's Angel," featuring Ron Kenoly, Jr., is available now at digital outlets including iTunes.

The singer-songwriter has a brand new team, producers and collaborators. The Chronicles of The Mrs. was produced by Dave "DaveyBoy" Lindsey (Monica, Traci Braxton) and the UK's Eminik, who recently went viral with a remix of One Direction's "No Control." Alaché also collaborated with Ron Kenoly, Jr., who she has followed for a long time - something she calls "a dream come true." 

Alaché, a name derived from her native Nigeria, draws inspiration from Gospel artist Michelle Williams (formerly of Destiny's Child) and Contemporary Christian artist Rachael Lampa. The songs on The Chronicles of The Mrs. are not your typical R&B / Praise & Worship, but rather a collection of engaging, edgy and upbeat songs that will move both your feet and your soul. 

Hallels:  Alache, congratulations on your new EP.  This is your first release in 5 years, tell us what happened in these 5 years?

Alache: Thanks I appreciate it. This is my 1st release in five years. The past five years have been a ride. I got married and started a family. I have been home taking care of my family and adapting to my new life as wife and mum. I have experienced and learned a lot of new things in this time. 

Hallels:  Coming back 5 years later, has music changed?  And did you change your approach with this new EP?

Alache: A lot has changed since I have been gone. At first it felt like a lot of catching up. Simple things like what was new as far as new music and artists were concerned. I was completely out of the loop. I did not keep up with any of that stuff at all. So many new and amazing acts have sprung up in the past few years. Am all caught up and I am now in tune with what's happening. 

Hallels:  Why did you entitle the EP "The Chronicles of the Mrs"?

Alache: The album tells a story of tales of events that I have gone thru over the past few years. Which is really what 'chronicles' mean. They state events that happen over a period of time. And the Mrs is just being the wife that I am now. That is how I came about the title for the album. Tales of events that I have experienced since I got married. 

Hallels:  On this record you got to work with Ron Kenoly, Jr.  How did you meet him?  And what's his role on the EP?

Alache: Actually that situation got put together by Benjah who I worked with on another song. He produced the track we were on together. I have followed Ron's music from his days in the Kenoly brothers, and down to his solo efforts. He is an amazing singer and I have a lot of respect for him. We did shoot the music video together. He has an amazing spirit and a great ministry. It was great working with him and he definitely adds a nice element to the project. 

Hallels:  Who else have you work with on this EP?

Alache: The bulk of my project is produced by the amazing Dave Lindsey. He's been a blessing and asset to this project. I also have UK based producer Eminik on a song, and the talented Benjah as well. Benjah  produced the single 'Heavens Angel'. 

Hallels:  How would you describe the sound of this bunch of new songs?

Alache: The sound is fresh, I tried styles that were new for me. I have afrobeat, urban r&b, dance. I have contemporary worship. The album has something for everyone. Stuff that will make you move, think, uplift. I am happy with the body of work and can't wait for everyone to hear it. 

Hallels:  With your family and this new EP, how do you balance the two of them?

Alache: I am adjusting. I have found my center, and I think my kids, husband and I have settled into my new routine. It's not easy because am still 100% full time mummy and wife. But am 100% with music as well. 

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to find out more about you or your music, where can they go?

Alache: My website is My social media. Instagram: @officialalache. Twitter: @officialalache. Soundcloud: @officialalache. 

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