Trip Lee Releases New Video "Manolo" featuring Lecrae

Trip Lee

Christian rapper, author, producer Trip Lee releases his official music video for "Manolo" featuring Lecrae, the fan favorite song from his fifth studio album and companion book Rise. Of the new album, this is what Trip Lee has to say: 

"Rise has a lot of different meanings," he explains. "It's a call-to-action to rise from the dead and actually live. We're born spiritually dead, and I'm calling for everyone to become spiritually alive. Secondly, don't wait until later to live the way you were created. God created you to honor Him, find joy, and serve others. Don't sleep on that. Lastly, rise above the low expectations people have."

In order to convey that three-pronged message, Trip took a different approach to recording this time around. Instead of collaborating with multiple producers, he worked solely with longtime producer Gawvi for the entire album at his Atlanta studio. They both endlessly encouraged each other to craft a cohesive body of work that captured a modern energy within a timeless structure, utilizing real instrumentation, strings, keyboards, and original soul-inspired vocal samples.

The new single "Manolo" is released via a microsite where fans are given the choice to select between a red or blue pill leading them to view the official "Manolo" music video or exclusive behind-the-scenes content. The video and concept for the microsite includes a nod to one of Trip Lee's favorite movies, "The Matrix," and is a reflection of the song's theme, Truth versus Lies.

Trip Lee reveals, "In Spanish, 'Manolo' means 'God is with us'. There's some gun terminology, but the weapon we're talking about is truth. We fight lies with the word of God."

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