Ginny Owens “The Greatest Gift” EP Review

Ginny Owens

Prime Cuts:  The Greatest Gift, God With Us, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Ginny Owens may have been blind since she was two, but when it comes to message of Christmas she has 20/20 vision.  While many of us may have been blind sighted by the commercialism of Christmas where words like "gift" and "peace" have been lampooned to become advertising rhetoric, Owens' title track "The Greatest Gift" overturns such blatant clichés.  Featuring the warm acoustics of a grand piano backgrounding Owens' breathy Sara Groves-like vocals, "The Greatest Gift" is a heartfelt prayer to God that gives us a new appreciation of Christ's birth and the true peace He gives.  Saved for a few exceptions, piano ballads grounded in strong melodic structures that recall the power ballads of the 90s are a rare breed today. 

"The Greatest Gift" is the latest EP by singer and songwriter Ginny Owens.  "The Greatest Gift" is the much anticipated follow-up to Owens' first Christmas offering "Bring Us Peace" in 2006.  Ardent fans who have wanted 9 years may be disappointed to find that the EP only consists of 4 songs.  Two of which ("The Greatest Gift" and "God With Us") are Owens' originals and the remaining duo are seasonal favorites ("Rudolph the Red Nosed-Reindeer" and "Christmas Time is Here").  Owens continues to showcase her mettle her prowess as a balladeer with "God with Us."  This time featuring a more spacey ethereal feel, "God with Us" has more modern-ish Hillsong United "Oceans" feel that is going to resonate well with today's music. 

While "God With Us" manifest a contemporary vibe, Owens' rendition of "Rudolph" starts off with a static 60s' sepia-tone throwback travelling back in time in offering us a nostalgic read that is quite fetching. "Christmas Time is Here," on the other hand, receives a jazzy makeover quipped with the lazy slur of the piano and twitching of the guitar's nylon strings.  Though the EP clocks in at less than half an hour and only features a mere four songs, the lack of quantity is made up in the songs' quality and the effort Owens put in to make each of them unique and meaningful.  Whether you are a fan or not, this EP is a gift to savor. 



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