Master's Voice Readies Sonlite Records Debut "Undivided"

Master's Voice

Southern Gospel music group Master's Voice will be releasing their new Sonlite Records album Undivided on January 8th. This is their debut record for the imprint and the band is excited about the venture.

Master's Voice owner Ricky Capps says, "Master's Voice is overwhelmingly excited to sign with Sonlite. This is one of those defining moments that will undoubtedly be a benchmark in our journey. We thank the Lord for trusting us with this, and thank Chris White, Jeff Collins, Greg Bentley, and the entire Crossroads family for believing in us. This is going to be a great ride!" 

Sonlite A&R executive Chris White states, "It doesn't happen often but, every now and then an artist comes along that you sense is here for the long run. Master's Voice has all the elements in place that will allow this group to be a major contributor in Christian music for years to come." 

Here's the Tracklisting for Undivided:

  • 1. I Can Hardly Wait to Fly (2:51)
  • 2. Goodbye to Goodbye (4:03)
  • 3. How Long a Lifetime Is (3:34)
  • 4. Lord of Mercy (2:33)
  • 5. Here I Am Again (3:33)
  • 6. I Know What He Did For Me (2:46)
  • 7. Somebody Is Me (2:53)
  • 8. This Same Jesus (3:43)
  • 9. Things God Doesn't Know (2:46)
  • 10. Send Somebody (4:00)
  • 11. Ain't It Good (4:03)
  • 12. Everything the Blood Touches Lives (2:50)

Since 1995, Master's Voice has been committed to bringing an evangelistic approach to singing and preaching the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Though God has led some men away from MV and into other places of ministry, He has never one time failed to bring in another man just as passionate, just as talented, just as committed.  Through the years, the heart and motivation of Master's Voice has not wavered once.  This group has, first and foremost, vowed to sing and preach Jesus till all know...or He returns.  Secondly - this group is devoted to musical excellence, understanding that this "music with a message" requires the utmost professionalism, preparation, commitment, clarity, doctrinal sound"ness" and passionate vocals.  What can a person expect from a Master's Voice event? Expect to be wowed by special vocalists skilled in communicating.  

Expect to laugh, cry, be inspired, be challenged and be encouraged.  Expect to be convinced that these men truly care for you, your family and your soul.  Most of all, expect to leave changed...not because these are good men, but because these good men sing and brag about an all-sufficient, merciful Savior! Master's Voice not only sings at churches, conferences, festivals, fairs, etc...but MV also preaches revivals, services and conventions.  God has called this team to preach the Word of God.  For 1 Corinthians tells us that by the foolishness of preaching, men are saved.  One could definitely submit that singing the truth is a form of preaching, but we believe wholeheartedly that singing will never ever supplant the preaching of the truth, for this is God's way.  Therefore, Master's Voice is eternally grateful for the call to also "preach" Jesus.  Please look for MV to come to a city near you!


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