American Idol's Fantasia Begins 2016 in Church Singing the Lord's Praises


American Idol's winner Fantasia Barrino began the New Year in her home church, Temple Church in Metro Detroit.  Triumph Church is one of the fastest growing church which has been a community pillar in southwest Detroit since 1920. 

Fantasia writes on Twitter: "Bringing in my New Year with worship was everything to me.. Thank you @TriumphDetroit. 2016 will be a great year." 

When the R&B singer first arrived at the church, she was told that she could perform her secular songs, but her response was: "'Well, that'd be nice but that's not what the Lord told me to do.'"

"I have to be obedient. Is there any true worshippers in the house tonight? I'm talking about true worshippers that don't mine if your hair gets messed up! You don't mine who's sitting beside you! You're not on your phone face timing or snapchatting, you're really trying to go up!" she exclaimed.

Fantasia began her performance with a prayer welcoming God and His presence. "Father, we welcome you into this place. Move like you never did before," she beseeched.

Fantasia then went into the song, "Total praise" by Richard Smallwood. While singing, she encouraged the youth to worship along with her as she belted out the notes.

Fantasia Barrino is seriously considering making a Gospel album.  Barrino first rose to fame as the winner of the third season of the reality television series American Idol in 2004. Following her victory, she released her debut single, "I Believe," which debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Subsequently, she released her debut album, Free Yourself, which went on to be certified Platinum by the RIAA and garnered Barrino three Grammy nominations in 2006. 

"I get a lot of questions about doing a gospel album ... what I do is gospel," Barrino revealed. "I take God with me everywhere I go."

She has also revealed that she's working with Hip Hop/R&B producer, artist and writer R. Kelly (who has worked with Whitney Houston) for this Gospel album.  

Barrino wrote her first gospel music song earlier this year. She took to her Instagram page to give fans a glimpse of it. "I just wrote my first Gospel Song. All by Myself," Barrino captioned the image on her Instagram page. "Not sure what's happening but all I can say is the enemy has really been testing ME. Thanks @von_cocapt for this track."  

In the video, Barrino makes it clear that she wrote the song which can be heard playing in the background. The singer appears somber, and shakes her head while introducing the snippet to fans. "I was able to release everything I was carrying," Barrino said in the video. "I hope you like it."

Barrino has been vocal about her Christian faith for some time and previously spoke about God having a plan for her life.

"God put me here for a reason," Barrino told "Access Hollywood" in 2013. "When you look on TV or turn on the radio or all the newspapers and the magazines, it was always something negative, and no matter how many things I did that were positive that never came out, so that was the hardest for me at that time. Now I really don't care anymore."



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