Pat Mesiti, Hillsong's Former Pastor, Pleads Not Guilty to Alleged Domestic Violence Charges

Pat Mesiti

Patt Mesiti was one of Hillsong Church's major teaching pastor.  He had shared the same platform as senior pastor Brian Houston, Bobbie Houston, Darlene Zschech, Christine Caine and others in bringing God's Word to the congregations Sunday after Sunday.  However, ever since he has been caught sleeping with prostitutes, he was forced to leave the Australian mega church.

On New Year's Eve, under the influence of alcohol, Mesiti was alleged to have hit his wife out of rage.  According to, the 56 year-old former pastor has been charged with two domestic violence offences, common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, both of which were allegedly committed against his wife Andrea in the northwest suburb of Glenhaven between 10pm on December 30 and 10.35pm on December 31. He has entered a plea of not guilty on both counts.

Mesiti is due back in court next month. In the meantime, the former Hillsong preacher is legally prevented from approaching his second Andrea Mesiti within 12 hours of consuming alcohol or illicit drugs.

Fifteen years ago, Mesiti was not only one of the senior ministers at Hillsong Church, he even had his own television show and he was a national director of the Pentecostal church movement Australian Christian Churches. However, in 2001, the church leadership at Hillsong discovered he had been sleeping with prostitutes. He was stripped of his licence to minister. His first marriage fell apart.

"I was basically struggling with a sexual addiction," he told the Christian magazine Sight in 2006. Two years later he told the New Zealand Herald he had "lost everything" following the revelations.

"I was so depressed that I couldn't talk for two years. I struggled with my mental health."

Currently, Mesiti is a prosperity speaker who speaks to business leaders about how to experience growth stretching their prosperity to its greatest potential.  Mesiti has an ambition of making 10,000 millionaires in his life time. According to his website, Mesiti "has spoken for, and shared the platform globally with some of the world's most influential people including, Sir Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Denis Waitley, Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, Jim Rohn, the late Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, Captain Jerry Coffee, Allan Pease, Bob Proctor, Willie Jolley, Morris Goodman "The Miracle Man", and many more..." 

"Pat Mesiti's enthusiasm combined with his great sense of humor gives him the ability to move an audience into action as well as give them practical resources to help them achieve their goals. He is a gifted communicator and will add tremendous value to the lives he touches. Pat is Dynamic - Entertaining - Unforgettable!"





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