Kim Walker-Smith of Jesus Culture Talks About the Story Behind "Alive in You"

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Jesus Culture has just released their new worship album Let It Echo to great critical and commercial success.  But the songs didn't come easy to the team. Rather, they were birthed out of a time of trials.  Kim Walker-Smith, one of the key leaders of the team, talks specifically of one of the album's tracks "Alibe in You:"

"I co-wrote "Alive in You" with my husband Skyler and Jordan Frye. This song means a lot to me personally because it perfectly puts into words what I've walked through in the last season. This last year was a hard year for me and I have felt like I was in the fire. At times it's felt like the fire was consuming me and I felt alone, but Jesus came and showed me that I'm not alone and that the fire is meant to refine me and make me stronger, not take me out. The chorus of the song says, "Even in the fire, I'm alive in You". That has been the hope and promise I have held on to."

Listen to Walker-Smith as she talks more about the song "Alive in You:"

Jesus Culture's newest release, Let It Echo, is a Top 20 album on Billboard charts debuting at No. 16 on the Top Albums, No. 12 on the Digital Albums and No. 2 on the Christian Albums charts along with No. 35 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. This is the group's first release in partnership with Capitol Christian Music Group and their ninth live album release.

Let It Echo captures the heart of the community of the one-year-old church in Sacramento seeking Jesus with a desire to know Him more and to see this passion spread from cities to nations. The project's songs were written from experiences the church community encountered together. This album includes 12 new songs featuring Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, and more. 

Here's an exerpt of our review of the album: "The songs of Jesus Culture's "Let It Echo" are definitely going to reverberate across the worship of copious churches in the months and years to come.  This is because there is something prophetic about this newly crafted set of songs. They are not your average forgettable ditties that come and go.  Rather, they are the products of hearts that have lean in to what the Holy Spirit has to say to the church.  They articulate truths God has been wanting to speak to churches in ways that can stir the currents of revival.  "Let It Echo" was not an easy album to make for this worshipping community.  Rather, the album was birthed out of an arduous labor of pain, struggles, and uncertainties.  "Let It Echo" is the first album the team has made after severing their link with Redding, California's Bethel Music. In the past year, they have had set up a new church, record label, and their home base in Sacramento." 

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